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My name is Scott Blanchard, I live in Birmingham, Alabama and I'm the Creator of ClickBump Framework, a suite of rapid web deployment tools made for WordPress to rock search and create sales conversions.

This site runs on top of ClickBump Framework. I’m the Creator of ClickBump Framework, a suite of web site deployment tools made for WordPress. I live in Birmingham, Alabama with my wife Jennifer and our two children

Contact > scott@clickbump.com

I’ve been involved in multimedia and web design for over 16 years. I started designing “Multimedia” CDs and kiosks in the 90’s using Macromedia and mFactory software. With the introduction of Macromedia’s Dreamweaver application, and later, Adobe’s GoLive, I began creating attractive websites with table based layouts using tiny 1×1 pixel transparent gif elements for layout placeholders.

The watershed moment came when CSS took hold near the beginning of the millenium, allowing the creating of pixel precise layouts without the need for tables and spacer gifs. I’ve been doing that ever since.

I’m not sure how I came up with the name ClickBump. I think it was probably in a rush of Ajaxwhois curiosity one day. Anyway, somehow the name stuck and seemed appropriate for this site.

What is ClickBump?

In early 2009 I had started doing some pretty interesting experiments with internet marketing, particularly as an affiliate marketer with Adsense and Amazon Associates. I launched a website about “animal bracelets”, a craze that originated in Vestavia Hills Alabama, where I live. The site quickly rose to the number 1 position for the phrase “animal bracelets” and soon reached $100 a day in Adsense revenues with no advertising! Since then, I’ve become a product producer, using the same software and SEO techniques that I used on that very successful site.

This site allows me to aggregate and share some of that knowledge and put some of the forum material that I regularly contribute into a digest form here where its readily accessible to anyone who might be interested in my teaching from what I’m learning.

Its written in diary form – notes to myself, and to you. If I’ve provided some inspiration along the way to get you to the next level of success on your journey, then its more than worth the effort.

There’s lots to learn, thanks for hanging in there with me.

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