New Template: “Alligator Sky” for ClickBump 5 and Bizlocal

Today I get to introduce “Alligator Sky“,  the newest Premium template design for sites running ClickBump 5 (includes Express, Engine and BizLocal).

Alligator Sky

Above: “Alligator Sky” for ClickBump 5 (click for full screen)

This template features a full width slider widget for maximum graphic impact on the home page. The slider extends to 977 pixels wide by 375 pixels tall. As with all ClickBump 5 templates, you can add as many slides to the slider as you like and C5 will automatically display them as you see in the screenshot.

The slider’s callout text overlays the image and features a semi-transparent background. This helps with readability of the callout text in the event your slider image has a dark background. Its best to crop your slider images with the focal point slightly right of center to allow for the overlay text of each slide. You can see how I’ve done this in the example above. I’ve also created a feather on the left side of the image to provide a smooth transition from text to image. You can easily do this by using a wide radius (400px) eraser at and knocking off the hard left edge of your images with the eraser tool

The template, like all ClickBump templates, has full Ad support. For example, here is an inside page with stacked 336 ads:

Alligator Sky

Alligator Sky” is imminently flexible to accomodate as many sidebar and footer elements as you’d like to include, on the home page or interior pages, you decide. Just drag and drop widgets over into the appropriate sidebar using the built in Widget manager.

I’ve included a small avatar image in the header, along with the site title and tagline. You can upload your own custom header image to fill this area. You can also opt to hide the site title and tagline by point and click at “ClickBump 5 > Layout > Hide > Site Title” and “ClickBump 5 > Layout > Hide > Site Tagline” if you choose. Personally, I like to use these (as opposed to creating the text title and tagline embedded the header graphic) and create my custom header image with this in mind. This is very easy with ClickBump 5’s new Google Web Fonts integration, so you can choose from any of their library of over 270 fonts with point and click ease.

Alligator Sky
Above: The “Quick Help” overlay showing the customizable areas of the header (click for full screen view)

Notice that you can customize the default blue gradient color at the top (color 2) as well as the “terra cotta” colored accent in the footer. You can easily upload your own custom header to replace the avatar or upload an edge to edge image to fill the available space and make a dramatic impression.

The Google search widget is included with ClickBump 5 for drag and drop use with all premium templates.

Update: I’ve just added an “Alt” version to this package. You now get 2 templates in one. The “alt” version is shown below. The main differences are:

(1) Default accent color is green – you can change this to any color you wish and you can also change the blue gradient to any color you wish, with one click

(2) The slider widget is the same width as the main content area (has margins on either side) and is 245 pixels tall.

(3) The slider callouts are also wider in this version.

Alligator Sky

Above: “Alligator Sky Alt” (click for full screen preview)

In the “alt” version example above, I’ve uploaded a custom header logo (header.png at “ClickBump 5 > Images > Header Image”) and also removed the site title and tagline text (“ClickBump 5 > Layout > Hide”). I’ve also removed the “Back to top” link from the home page (“ClickBump 5 > Menus > Back to Top”).

I’m looking forward to hearing your comments on this one. Its my favorite template to date and I’m expecting many success stories and unique uses for it. I especially like the edge to edge slider and header option.

ClickBump owners can purchase this template beginning today at the owner’s dashboard.

~ s

As with most of my templates, I draw inspiration from music. This template’s name, “Alligator Sky” is taken from a song by American synthpop artist Owl City (comprised solely of Adam Young from Owatonna, MN) from his third studio album All Things Bright and Beautiful. It was released as the lead single from the album on April 12, 2011.

Thanks to ClickBump owner Chris Manning for suggesting this template.

4 Responses to “New Template: “Alligator Sky” for ClickBump 5 and Bizlocal”

  1. Ahsan says:


    Can ads be enabled for homepage posts with this fantastic theme?

    • Scott says:

      @Ashan, thanks for you comment. Yes, since Alligator Sky runs in ClickBump 5, like all templates, you can enable ads on the home page, in sidebars, in the header, above the content, below the content and in the footer.

      This applies to the home page, inside pages, inside posts, categories, etc.

  2. Mark P-R says:

    This template looks wonderful. I can hardly wait to use it for my next site redesign.

    I’m heading over to my dashboard right this minute to get this premium template.

    Great work Scott!

    • Scott says:

      Thanks Mark, I’ve just added the “activation” link at the member’s dashboard. Looking forward to what you can do with this one.

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