Announcing “ClickBump 5” The World’s Fastest WordPress theme

I’ve just released ClickBump 5, the latest edition of my core WordPress theme that’s at the heart of ClickBump Express, Engine, BizLocal and JumpStart Pro! ClickBump 5 is available as a free upgrade to existing owners of those products.

Here’s a screenshot of the updated theme options interface:

ClickBump 5 theme options
Click for full size

The main feature of this release is speed.

The key to the incredible performance of sites running ClickBump 5 is its use of highly efficient CSS and Web Standards coding practices.

ClickBump 5 is one of the first widely distributed WordPress themes to be fully compatible with the HTML5 and CSS3 specifications and validates as W3C compliant HTML5.

In addition to numerous speed and performance enhancements, there are two main highlights of this release:

First, is the revamped options panel. I’ve organized the options in more logical groupings and categories and highlighted each function by its main keyword (Adsense, Ads, Images, Site Menu, Sidebar, Footer, Show, Hide, Move) etc, so help you quickly find the option you need by its most logical keyword.

Secondly, you now have a background image manager. This will allow you to create some pretty stunning website designs by attaching a single background image and color that you control via point and click.

For example, you can tell C5 to repeat the image horizontally (repeat-x), Vertically (repeat-y), in both directions (repeat), static, scrollable, etc…

If you’ve ever seen a website that scrolls the content vertically while the background remains fixed in place (a very neat effect), you can now do that with C5 with just a few mouse clicks and your custom background image.

Here’s a look at the updated “Images Manager” along with the background image options…

Click for full size
ClickBump 5 theme options

About ClickBump
The “ClickBump Engine” consists of this core theme, along with complimentary products including “ClickBump SEO! for on-page SEO optimization, JumpStart Pro! for one click site setups, BizLocal! for creating full HTML5/CSS3 compatible local business sites and soon “Keyword Miner!” for finding profitable niche site opportunities without leaving your web browser.

About Red Mountain Media
Red Mountain Media, LLC is a privately held company located in Birmingham, Alabama. We produce the ClickBump suite of products for marketing professionals and website owners. Scott Blanchard, President and Founder of Red Mountain Media has been developing web sites and software using Web Standards since 1998

9 Responses to “Announcing “ClickBump 5” The World’s Fastest WordPress theme”

  1. Scott says:

    @Joe, there is one theme, that’s ClickBump C5. The look and feel is determined by the “templates” (aka “skins”). That’s the key to the speed and flexibility of this system. I can recreate virtually any website in existence with this core theme.

    The bundle package comes with the 13 templates pre-installed. Those are the ones you see on the sales page under the heading “Here’s a Look at The High Converting Templates You’ll Get TODAY with your purchase of ClickBump Bundle”.

    You can also purchase additional templates to suit the look and purpose of your individual sites at for $10 each (some come in multi-template “packs” of more than one template and cost slightly more)

  2. Joe says:

    Hi Scott

    These are nice looking themes!

    Just to be clear if I pay for the USD97 bundle i will get all of these themes right?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. John says:

    Thats great, will be picking this up in the near future. Thanks for feed back Scott.

  4. Gene Schwimmer says:

    Can I use both Adsense and ads simultaneously? The Amazon ads are for my own books that I sell on Amazon and the Adsense ads are to make extra cash. Can I put an Amazon carousel on my site?

    • Scott says:

      @Gene, absolutely. There are several ways to do this. You can ad amazon widgets and/or ad code directly to the theme’s widget areas or into the “Alternate Ad Code” input to have ClickBump rotate randomly between Adsense and Amazon ads within your main content area.

  5. John says:

    Hi Scott

    Also meant to ask does your theme move the ads and content around the page when a new page is shown. Say on right side then on left side etc.

    Basicly to combat ad blindness. This is what I was meaning to ask above. Sorry I was not clear enough.



    • Scott says:

      @John, yes. ClickBump has had Ad rotation (rotate between 2 different ads in the main content area) since version 4. Version 5 (ClickBump 5) ads an “Ad position randomizer” on top of this. What this means is that with this option checked at “C5 > Ads”, the theme will place your ad on one side of the content on one page and on another side on the next page, etc…

  6. Eric says:

    Hi Scott, thanks for the update. Will it be free for owner of CB4?
    Will there be an option to have a front-end drag & drop editor in the near future ? The theme I’m currently using on my blog does offer this option and I’m loving it.

    • Scott says:

      Hi Eric, yes. Its a free upgrade to owners of Express, Engine, JumpStart Pro and BizLocal. Login to the forum and PM me or send me an email with details on your drag and drop example and I’ll be happy to check it out!

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