New Plugin Automates Featured Images from Post Content

The Video Thumbnails plugin auto-inserts featured images from YouTube videos found in content. It works in the back end so no impact on site speed!

In working on the new website, after creating several posts with YouTube videos in them, I had a need to find a plugin that would automatically go out to and grab the thumbnail images for each video. I didn’t want to have to take the time to do screenshots of every video and then go to Photoshop to save them for upload to my site as featured images. That would be a very time consuming process.

So I did a quick google search and I found a plugin that fit the bill perfectly, and free! Its called “Video Thumbnails”.

This nifty little free plugin just saved me tons of time while building out the new website.Scott Blanchard, ClickBump Creator

Again, Its called “Video Thumbnails” and you can download it from your site’s Plugin Search Box. Just go to “Plugins > Add New” and search for “Video Thumbnails“. Its by a gentleman by the name of Sutherland Boswell.

Once I had finished creating a batch of about 30 new posts, with just a single button click, the plugin went out to YouTube and pulled back full sized thumbnails for all of the videos embedded in my posts, automatically downloading them my site and assigning them as the featured image for each post. It only took about a minute for some 30 videos.

What’s even sweeter, is that once it was finished, I could remove the plugin without impacting the featured images it had set for me. That’s pretty cool.

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  1. Taylor Banks says:

    Hi Scott,

    What did you do to add the smaller attribution line in your blockquote above? Looks great; I’d like to achieve a similar stylistic look in quotes on my own CB6 blog.

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