Sneak Peek: ClickBump “BizLocal” Package

Every screenshot you see on this page takes zero setup time. You upload to your site's plugins directory and activate it. That's it. All templates are preset with default content, images and widgets.

Everything you see on this page is reality, not vaporware.. Every screenshot you see on this page represents a BizLocal template that’s preconfigured with default content, widgets, social media links, images, slider widgets and more.

BizLocal installer takes care of everything for you with a simple click to activate it into your client demo site.

You simply upload to your site’s plugins directory and activate it. That’s it. It installs your BizLocal templates with preset content, widgets, links, images, social media icons, and more. It even comes with preset email opt-in forms for hooking up to your client’s lead capture system. And you can demo it in real time with a < 30 second setup of the entire demo!

If you are doing daily demos for clients, you will quickly appreciate the power of BizLocal’s revolutionary setup process. Its so fast, you could actually build the site right in front of the client if you didn’t care about spoiling the fact that it takes you mere seconds to accomplish what would otherwise be hundreds of hours worth of work.

The birth of the Local Internet Consultant’s dream system
Over the past couple of months, I’ve received a fair amount of requests for offline Internet Consulting tools. My customers have been asking for me to refer them to products that would help them create websites for local businesses in their communities.

After hearing so much interest in this field, I’ve decided to build just such a solution. But rather than offer it as a standalone product, I’m going to reward my CE4 customers by leveraging what they are already using, ClickBump Engine.

Built on top of CE4, The fastest, cleanest, most optimized SEO theme available for WordPress or any system
After all, the CE4 platform already has everything you need to build fast, clean coded, high ranking, user friendly, easily maintained websites for monetizing traffic. This same familiar infrastructure can be leveraged for creating business sites that rock your clients expectations and establish your credibility as the “Goto” internet consultant to business owners in your local communities.

Above: “Biloxi” a new premium template made for the BizLocal Package for CE4 (click for full size)

I’m calling it “BizLocal” and I expect to release version 1.0 at the end of April with a special early-bird discount release for existing ClickBump Engine owners set for mid April.

When added to CE4 it enables you to quickly and easily build business websites for local businesses in your community as easily as CE4 now enables the creation of monetized product review and informational websites.

The CE4 BizLocal package will consist of…

  1. Three Premium Business class site templates that install with one click into CE4 (ClickBump Engine) via theme options “Add New Template”. (additional BizLocal site templates will be available for purchase shortly after the product launch and will be affordably priced for quick payback)
  2. BizLocal Custom Widgets for Splash graphic sliders, Opt-in lead generation, lead capture, and social media integration.
  3. A special member’s only BizLocal support and resources section on the ClickBump member forums.

I got my start doing local Internet Marketing and Consulting, and still maintain a few key local clients here in Birmingham, so its a service that’s close to my heart. There’s a special feeling when you can take the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired through hard work and self education and apply it to good works in your own community. And its especially important in this economy where local businesses are struggling to expand their reach, maximize profits and most importantly, retain workers.

With this package, you could literally set up a client presentation a few minutes before your meeting and be ready to demo in seconds.

Above: “Austin” from the BizLocal Package soon to be released for CE4 Owners.

With the experience of having built hundreds of sites for local businesses, I’ve found that if you present three strong options, all different and unique in their own way, but each equally compelling in terms of function, aesthetics and quality; you can almost guarantee that they will pick one out of the three and you will leave the meeting having made the sale.

As the launch date draws near, CE4 owners will get a time-limited, special early bird discount offer on this system at a substantially reduced price not available anywhere else. Make sure you sign on to follow my Twitter feed to get the early bird discount notification and instructions. The discount window will be very limited and those who get the Twitter alert stand the best chance of getting the discount.

Above & Below: “Chicago” for the BizLocal Package soon to be released for CE4 Owners. (Note: Chicago will be offered at a later date. It has been replaced by “Seattle” in the BizLocal package.)

With my “BizLocal” package and CE4, you will simply…

  1. Install CE4 with BizLocal into WordPress
  2. Choose from 1 of 3 premium bizlocal templates already pre-installed
  3. Upload a custom logo (or use the default sitename/tagline)
  4. Choose your custom colors (or use the defaults)
  5. Demo the site to the client, make the sale and move on to the next one.

Cool! So what’s next?

BizLocal is still in development and nearing release, but I would like to share some information about it and hopefully get you as excited about the product as I am.

The first thing to know is that the only prerequisite to run BizLocal is a licensed copy of the latest version of my theme, ClickBump Engine (aka “CE4”). The “BizLocal” package will consist of a set of premium templates, along with drag and drop widgets that come with each template to allow you to quickly add sliders and social media integration to each site you demo and sell.

As an Internet Marketing consultant with a proven online track record for getting sites quickly ranked in the search engines, you can charge a premium fee for these sites

Whatever you decide to charge is completely up to you, but your profit margin should be boosted tremendously with my tools in your toolbox. And with CE4 & BizLocal, I’m providing what I expect will be the key ingredient to turbocharge your consulting practice and help you put more money in your pocket.

With CE4 and BizLocal, I want to insure you will have the tools you need to concentrate on the business of making money, not building technology.

The BizLocal templates will all feature cutting edge, business-friendly design elements along with top-level flyout menus that are user defined. The latter made possible by the new “Custom Menu” functionality that was introduced in WordPress 3.0

I’m adding “Custom Menu” capability to CE4.1 and the rollout of this function will coincide with the release of the BizLocal package. If you are unfamiliar with the new custom menu functionality in WordPress, it allows some really cool things. You can basically build your own navigation menus consisting of a combination of pages, categories or even tags by picking from a list of your existing pages and categories and simply dragging and dropping them into place on a virtual canvas inside or WordPress. CE4 will be programmed to check for the presence of your Custom Menu and if present, will load it up and apply mouseover flyout behavior to your nested menu items. This augments the existing “top-menu” flag that you currently use to designate a custom menu item.

For the first time you can have pages and categories in the same menu!

I’ll spill more details and info over the coming days and weeks, but I wanted to get the conversation started here to get your feedback and suggestions for the product rollout and features and functions you are looking for. I’m thinking that the ability to “roll your own” menus will be a killer feature for CE4.1, especially considering that they will be automagically styled to match the currently selected template and they will be enabled with rollover flyout behavior if you’ve nested them.

All BizLocal Premium templates will be named after US cites. This is one way you can tell them apart from other premium templates, since they will be optimized for offline consultant projects. They will all feature the pure xhtml/css you’ve come to expect from my premium templates. This enables you to over-deliver to your clients for maximum speed, SEO and the ease of use of WordPress and CE4.

All background colors can be instantly switched with the visual colorpicker in CE4 theme options. The splash graphic is a PNG file with transparent background. Using a PNG file with a transparent background allows the customizable background (shown here in sky blue and configured by “CE4 > General > Color 2”) to shine through.

The “lens flare” effect that creates the halo behind the image is a semi-transparent PNG image (set with a translucent opacity of 50%) that overlays the background and sits behind the splash graphic. You can easily upload a custom splash graphic to suit the character of the business and it sits right in place and merges with the background and halo effect without you having to do anything special at all.

I get all of my stock photos from You can get a striking photo that really captures the emotion of the site for as little as $10-20 bucks.

With the consulting fee you should be able to command for building these sites, you could easily pass that cost along to the customer or build it into your fee.

Above > Here’s a shot where I’ve simply uploaded a different header PNG and picked a few different background colors from the CE4 color swatch selectors. If you’ve read my blog much at all, you know I’m a huge fan of the free online “Photoshop Lite” clone, I simply uploaded these stock photos to pixlr, unlocked the background layer and selected the area outside the faces and clicked delete. This left me with a great image with transparent background to allow the image to merge perfectly right into the scene as you can see.

Tip: I always like to crop photos like you see above, especially when using people. I feel that this gives the shots a more polished, professional look and helps lend even more credibility to the site. By eliminating any headroom above the male character, it helps blend the photo into the overall layout and glues the scene together in a more inviting and engaging way.

Above > Here’s another shot, showing a slightly different color scheme. You can make changes like this in mere seconds with the CE4 colorpicker. And with the unique way of how I’ve designed these templates to be chameleon-like,  you and the client can sit side by side if need be to instantly test an unlimited variety of color palettes until you’ve got the perfect one to suit the site. The various color combinations you see on this page, though slight, only took mere seconds to apply.

55 Responses to “Sneak Peek: ClickBump “BizLocal” Package”

  1. Dean says:

    Hey Scott
    I’ve just started in the offline arena and like the sound of setting up rent or lease sites with keyword rich local domains. Im just getting my head around wordpress so I guess this system would be perfect for these sites? Some generic info and Video in the targeted niche, work up the ranking and rent out.
    Is this the tools I need as an intermediate level newbie.

    Thanks Dean

  2. Chris says:

    Great looking themes Scott!

    Question can you incorporate a DIRECTORY into these themes?

    I want this option in order to create a “” directory site so i can contact these city businesses and offer them them the choice to either post their “premium listing” or just sell them the site outright.

    This option would be great.

  3. Scott says:

    @Fred: Currently, as of today (May 6, 2011), the member only price is 50% off the expected retail price of $97

    A “complete bundle” is planned for the future, but it will likely be no less cost than the current 50% off offer to existing owners.

  4. Fred says:

    If I buy one of your other products first, what’s the price of BizLocal? Will there be a complete bundle offered? If so, how much?


  5. Fred says:

    Hey Scott!

    I just came across this and it looks great! When is it available and what is the price? Any ealry discounts for new customers?


    • Scott says:

      @Fred: You can only purchase BizLocal via the members dashboard at this time. A general release will be forthcoming, but its exclusive to existing members (Owners of Bundle, Engine or SEO! currently.

  6. vilmos says:

    I can’t fingd the buy button from the member dashboard. really frustrated = i keep being directed to this page

    • Scott says:

      @Vilmos: From your member dashboard, just look for the link near the top of the page that reads:

      >> BizLocal < < Member's Only Discount < Special Member's Only Pricing on my most groundbreaking product yet.

  7. Federico says:


    Thanks for getting back to me. You gave the answers I needed to buy and I have made the purchase! This is something new for me, I now need to get into it and start making and selling (hopefully) websites! I would also like to mention that I think I read somewhere (that I cannot fin any more) you had prepared an ebook on how to make Bizlocal sites a profitable business…am I correct or is my brain making that up? Where can I dowload it if it does exist?

  8. Federico says:

    Hi Scott,

    Just got your email about BizLocal and I have a few questions as it does seem like a product that could help me- a lot!

    1) You mention they are named after US cities, but they can be used anywhere right? I am currently based in Mexico, and I think I could work with several local businesses setting them up websites. By the same token, I am assuming I can create websites for any business in the world I want?

    2) I see that the themes have a “Directions” page. Is there a plugin with a map that simply needs an address to be pinpointed, or are they pages where I can upload an image or whatever?

    3) I have ClickBump SEO- thus I only need to purchase the Bizlocal package, is that correct? My intention is to create websites for local businesses and resell them, probably flipping them around to accommodate each business. What kind of license would I need? I am still not very sure about how to go with this.

    • Scott says:

      Hi Federico, yes you can do business anywhere in the World that respects US export laws. No problem in Mexico 🙂

      1) The templates are named after cities that I’ve visited or vacationed in – besides Seattle which was previously named Chicago, which is one of my favorite cities, but I made some tweaks and it morphed into Seattle. I’m saving Chicago for another design.

      I have been to a few places in Mexico, so maybe well see a Cozumel, or Playa make the roster soon 😉

      You can create sites for any business in the world, yes.

      2) For your question on the directions page. Its just a placeholder for that content. I’d just grab a google maps iframe and paste it into the page at or before your client demo. Its very quick to do.

      3) Yes, BizLocal is the only license you need. No need for a developer’s license if you are selling BizLocal based sites to businesses.

      4) WordPress supports language translation, so no problem there.

  9. Ryan says:

    Hi Scott,

    I’ve been waiting for this to come out but wanted to ask a couple questions that were not answered in the video.

    If I wan to turn off the search functionality can I?

    Same question with the newsletter and if I do turn it off how does this affect the layout and look?


    • Scott says:

      Hi Ryan, the search box and newsletter sidebar are just WordPress widgets that are automatically installed when you activate BizLocal. To turn them off, you can simply remove them from the sidebar via “Appearance > Widgets” OR if you don’t want them installed at all, just create a copy of your BizLocal installer and remove them from the widgets folder. They won’t be installed when you use that copy of BizLocal to install the site.

  10. rent-a-site says:

    I’m waiting on an answer to the question asked by Dennis (March 9th, 2011 at 9:40 am).

    Many thanks Scott!

    • Scott says:

      Hi WS: BizLocal is licensed for selling to local businesses in your city and state. As such, if you want to build sites and “Flip” them you will still need a developer’s license. However, as long as you adhere to the license terms that come with BizLocal, there’s no need for a developer’s license.

  11. Bruce Cat says:

    Hey Scott

    I will definitely get it..I’m at the Internet cafe atm lol..gotta wait till i get back to the hotel or maybe home

  12. Bruce Cat says:

    Just got an email and came over to look.

    Wow looking really slick..will be getting it next week when I’m back home from a business trip

    • Scott says:

      Hi Bruce, if you are considering this, you need to jump on it now while the early bird discount window it open. The upgrade price goes up in less than 48 hrs. No pressure, but just wanted to make sure you knew you could save some cash.

  13. Nichols says:

    Hey there, Just curious are you going to have any special with the CE4 and the ClickBump Engine v4? i’m looking to purchase the ClickBump Engine v4 but not sure if you will have any deals by picking up both. thanks

  14. Rick Fueyo says:

    One last question, how open are your themes to other plugins? I have 2 I use and just bought another I am trying out that I “must” have.

    Thanks again,


    • Scott says:

      Hi Rick, there’s no problem with using plugins. As a matter of personal preference, I don’t use external facing plugins, unless I absolutely have to.

      I do use internal facing plugins when it makes sense. By “internal” I mean those that operate on the backend admin only, like my BizLocal, SEO and JumpStart plugins.

  15. Rick Fueyo says:

    Hey Scott,

    I want to buy, I need to buy, why can’t I buy from you? (paraphrase of old zig ziglar bit) If I buy CE4 then BizLocal to receive the discount, am I cutting off my nose to spite my face (another old saying my mother used to preach). Love your product and got to it searching for a WordPress fix for XSitePro in the Warrior Forums.

    Automate the process is what I’m after and your solution seems to fit that bill perfectly. What is the best way for me to access your seo plugin, ce4, and especially BizLocal?

    You can email me with a solution and I’ll do it as soon as I get back from the pool with kids – their spring break, not mine.


    • Scott says:

      Hi Rick, hopefully you got the alert today (assuming you are an existing customer). If you don’t yet have any of my products, the absolute best deal you can get, while the early bird discount window is still open for another 24 hours or less, is to purchase ClickBump Engine or Bundle, then you can get BizLocal at a huge discount for a few more hours as an owner of Engine/Bundle/SEO

  16. Scott says:

    Thanks Susan. Love you enthusiasm! I’m putting final touches on the css for the default templates and working on the documentation and setup guide now. We are getting close. Very exciting stuff.

  17. Susan Davis says:

    Be still my thumping WP designer heart! One go-to theme for online promotion AND offline client needs, AND SEO-optimized like this, plus the plugin … World Series bases loaded home run and a no-hitter pitched game too.

  18. Jeff says:

    I keep coming back to my account and to the site to see when this bizlocal is going to be available. when . . when.

    Can you give us an update.

  19. Nichols says:

    Wow thanks for the quick response! Will I surely can’t wait as this is going to be a goldmine because right now its to long to set up websites and with xsitepro. Is there mailing list I can subscribe to be notify of its release date?

    thanks again

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