BizLocal Is Here!

Update: BizLocal is Now Available for WordPress! You can get your copy now, with full support and forum access, click here to purchase it today. Video Previews > BizLocal installation takes mere seconds, but builds your entire site complete with default content, plugins, posts, pages and custom flyout menus with a single click:

See “Why BizLocal is in a class by itself”. Here’s a quick video showing the 3 pre-installed templates in action…

See “Why BizLocal is in a class by itself”. Here’s a quick video showing the 3 pre-installed templates in action…

I’m getting between $500-$2500 per site for this service and have more business than I can keep up with. That’s why I’m making this system available to fellow WordPress developer’s and Internet marketing consultants. Its an amazing system that sells.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up a BizLocal site on your domain
  2. Demo your BizLocal prototype site to local businesses in your area and let them choose from any of the site designs you have installed on your server – the basic BizLocal package comes with 3 pre-installed site designs and more or added each month. These theme “skins” install into your theme with a single button click, on the fly. This is the “killer” part of any demo. The entire site morphs right in front of your eyes with a single button click.
  3. Once the business chooses a site design (whether they “rent” the site or take full ownership), you sell them a BizLocal client license (currently $27 with ClickBump SEO! enabled and $17 without), and you keep the rest as cash money! Its a turn key business that you own and can set your rates at any level you choose, with full support and guidance from me via a dedicated section of the ClickBump User Forums.

If you can sell one of these sites to a local business for just $250 (the lowest amount you should ever consider for this level of quality and SEO) you’ll pocket $223 cash. Even if you “rent” the site, you are in the money after only one month

And that’s not even including add-on services you decide to offer. Things like SEO consulting, Adwords, Analytics setup and reporting, etc, etc. etc… Are you starting to see the potential here?

How to Leverage BizLocal as a virtual real estate vehicle

Carly, in the comment thread below, has an excellent idea that I think would be an incredibly effective way to sell these sites and profit from them until they are sold:

Use BizLocal and ClickBump SEO! to build a site with a specific local business niche (keyword phrase) in mind, say:

nail salons in… (insert city name here)

Then, once you have the site ranked highly in Google, you can approach nail salon owners and pitch the site to them to use as a lead generation vehicle for their main site.

Alternately, if they don’t have a main site, you can sell them 2 sites! One for lead generation and one for their main site.

However, if the site becomes really successful with earnings, be it with Adsense or local pay-per-lead business referrals, you might decide to hold onto it as a passive income stream rather than sell it!

That’s the real beauty of a system like this. Having BizLocal in your arsenal allows you to have the flexibility to diversify your income streams in whatever way you choose.

Seattle“, one of 3 premium WordPress templates that are installed in one click with the ClickBump BizLocal package

Austin“, one of 3 premium WordPress templates that are installed in one click with the ClickBump BizLocal package

Biloxi“, one of 3 premium WordPress templates that are installed in one click with the ClickBump BizLocal package These templates are all included with the core BizLocal package, which is a WordPress plugin that, when installed and activated, with a single click and about 10 seconds, installs and configures your ENTIRE WordPress site, complete with preconfigured templates, default plugins, site menus, widgets, images and more. BizLocal lets you forget about design and development and focus on selling.

Why BizLocal is in a class by itself

BizLocal is no ordinary WordPress plugin or theme. Its built from the ground up as a highly SEO optimized, fast loading site deployment system. It leverages Web Standards best practices using xhtml/css design for cutting edge speed and flexibility. Instant Site Creation BizLocal intalls as a standard WordPress plugin, but does so much more. You can go from a brand new site with the WordPress default content and theme, to a fully developed, fully SEO’d site in about 10 seconds. Once you click “Activate” on the BizLocal plugin, all of this is done in a matter of seconds…

  1. Installs the latest ClickBump Engine Theme along with the BizLocal templates all preconfigured to demo the site to the client.
  2. Installs all the default content widgets to make your site appear exactly like the screenshots above, including default sidebars, slider widget, and the social media icons and links to your social media URLs.
  3. Installs the custom site menu, complete with flyout menu behavior. Uses WordPress 3.0+ new “Custom Menus” which you can use to drag and drop pages, posts and categories into a single menu, complete with nesting and flyout behavior. All without touching a single line of code.

Three Templates in One (and more on the way) BizLocal comes with three highly optimized, client-friendly WordPress templates right out of the box. You can choose from between Austin, Seattle and Biloxi at the click of a button in theme options. Once you select a template, all colors and images are automatically set for that template. Again, not one line of code and you’ve instantly got a completely unique and different site layout and design to demo to the client. What’s more, you can switch between templates, on the fly, right in front of the client. This function alone is a killer feature of every demo you will do and will instantly amaze the client with the capability of the BizLocal software. Its an incredible demo tool to be able to do this at the click of a button. It also demonstrates to the client that BizLocal is cutting-edge, highly evolved software. Headline Fonts built right in BizLocal features “Cufon” automated headline font replacement right out of the box! It ships with three designer friendly, cutting edge headline fonts and you can add more to the mix with a simple upload. Legacy IE Support built right in BizLocal features the latest IE CSS3 compatibility scripts to help minimize any layout differences when your site is viewed in legacy Internet Explorer browsers like IE6. You can choose, at the click of a button, to use one of many compatibility scripts including CSS3 PIE, IE7-js, Selectivizr and CurvyCorners Custom Flyout Menus BizLocal installs a default site menu that includes your most common pages and posts, and you can customize these both before and after the site is created by editing the menu pages or editing the BizLocal installer files, which are simple .txt files that you can open in any text editor. There’s much more to tell. Stay tuned for more details and highlights to come… You can get your copy now, with full support and forum access, click here to purchase it today.

47 Responses to “BizLocal Is Here!”

  1. Derry says:

    Hi just wanted to know can click bump handle ecomerce ie foe selling physical products about 500 item what cms works well with cb


  2. Herschel says:

    Hi Scott,

    Bizlocal looks great! I love it.

    Two questions regarding selling Bizlocal to clients:

    (1)Can I brand the theme as it was my company who created it or is there any reference within the theme linking to your site?

    (2)Can I use a plugin like “White Label Branding for WordPress” to hide certain menu/dashboard items/boxes from clients?


    • Hi Hershel, answers to 1 and 2 are yes, you can brand it as your own and/or use a white label branding plugin.

      There is an optional “Powered by ClickBump” affiliate link at the bottom (as you can see if you scroll to the bottom of this page) that you can turn off if you prefer not to generate affiliate sales commissions from people who buy the theme from your referral.

  3. Chris says:


    Will the themes included in biz local bundle work with different languages than english? I mean the frontend? I want to be able to translate any button or menu item into different language for companies operating in different countries. Also I want to build some pages in more than one language, I have rough idea how to do it using some third party plugins, but I just wonder if your templates are suitable for multilanguage sites?


    • Scott says:

      Hi Chris, the theme allows all strings and text on the public side of the site to be localized into one language of your choice. To localize a single page into multiple languages (via a “Select Language” menu, for example) would require a plugin.

  4. Donny says:

    Hey Scott,

    I’ve never used WordPress before but I was looking to build a website for the local bowling center I work for and I was wondering if your bizlocal product is newbie friendly? Also how customizable is it? Can I add a logo in the upper left corner and can I remove those text links that are next to your “logo” and underneath the phone number and hours of opperation in your examples above.


    • Scott says:

      @Donny, thanks for your interest in BizLocal. Yes, you can upload your own custom header. You’ll do this via “theme options” at “ClickBump 5 > Images > Header Image > Upload“.

      You can also remove the default site title and tagline via theme options at “ClickBump 5 > Layout > Hide > Site Title/Tagline

  5. neil thom says:


    Apologies for noob questions,I’m new to WP and the various themes, but would like to know if this really only geared to American market, or doesn’t it matter, can it just as easily be used in the UK?



  6. arcangel says:

    I have jumpstart pro and most of the non bizlocal products, SEO plugin for example. What is the difference between the bizlocal jumpstart and jumpstart pro? Also would it be worth me upgrading to bizlocal?

    • Scott says:

      Arcangel, BizLocal uses JumpStart Pro. It’s a pre-configured version that contains the 5 core BizLocal templates and some BizLocal specific widgets. It also comes with a developer’s license that allows you to transfer sites to clients for a $17 license transfer fee ($27 if you include ClickBump SEO with the sale).

      You can get a member’s only special price on BizLocal via the link under the template selector on the member’s dashboard page.

  7. Scott,

    I wanted to ensure that I fully understood your license agreement. I’m building 11 local sites to capture leads for the limousine rental industry in my area.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I own the sites, I can use BizLocal for all of them and more if I choose. However, if I sell the sites, you’ll require me to pay a $27 fee (w/SEO plugin) for each site.

    Is that correct?

    Also, what if I don’t actually own the domain, BUT I do own and control the site? The reason I ask is that I have another client that owns a domain that he wants to use for this, but will not be buying the site from me. He will not sell me the domain, but our agreement is that I own and host the site.


  8. Dee says:


    Is this for starting a business directory in a city, but also can be applied to an individual business itself? For instance, if a massage therapist wanted their own site would this theme work or is it only to list multiple businesses?


  9. Rob Bishop says:

    Hi Scott,

    Can we use an optin forms such as Contact Form 7? The websites look great, but selling to local business owners I require a Direct Sales website with the ability to get both their name and email address.


    • Scott says:

      Yes, you can use any form app you want. I’m using Aweber code in a standard WordPress “Text” widget. You can replace this with your form code.

  10. Hello!
    I’m excited to have had an associate tell me about your product! I have a meeting with a client today. He owns a roofing company. I plan on showing before and after pictures of the roofs on the slider. I hope to purchase your product later today after he hires me and gives me a check!
    Kathy 🙂

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