ClickBump 6 Features & Highlights

I'm fully leveraging the new features and enhancements in ClickBump 6 here on as part of a completely fresh site makeover (using the recently released "Publisher" skin), here's a few highlights of this most powerful release.

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ClickBump 6 Product Overview

If you’ve downloaded a copy of the latest version of my WordPress theme, ClickBump 6, you know there’s tons of enhancements in this update. One of the most powerful enhancements, and one I want to discuss in a bit more detail here, is the new “Multi-Column Latest News” feature.

As you might expect, I’ve employed ClickBump 6 to the fullest on this blog site as part of a completely fresh site makeover, here’s a few highlights of this most powerful release.

On the newly redesigned site, in addition to the new multi-column latest news feature, I’m showcasing several of the recent enhancements that are part of ClickBump 6, including an enhanced Google Authorship toolset, more robust featured image and feature image thumbnail support, more mobile optimized features (this site itself is mobile optimized, just resize the browser to check it out), and much more.


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10 Responses to “ClickBump 6 Features & Highlights”

  1. Martoons says:

    Hi bro,
    Do any of your Clickbump themes (or CB6) work well as a photo site that needs to show hundreds of photos? Which CB theme would you suggest for that?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Martin, great to hear from you. I’d probably use Publisher for that (the same skin I’m using on this site). You probably want to look into a gallery plugin to catalog and display your images to allow the visitor to browse through them.

      Just a note of clarity since everyone confuses “Theme” from “Skin”. ClickBump is a framework so there is only one “Theme”, ClickBump. You can achieve a different look and feel for your site with the addition of “Skins” (aka “Templates”). Each skin is nothing more than a folder inside the ClickBump theme directory containing custom CSS and images used by the skin.

  2. I purchased today and like the product.
    It has a lot of options which will take a while to get to grips with, but I really like the potential, and especially the reduction of plugins needed.

  3. Hi Scott, I’ve only had Clickbump for a short time, but what a difference it makes in avoiding multiple plugins. By the way I love the newest available plugin, which I will probably end up ordering. Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. Joe says:

    While I like the featured image feature, how can you stop it from putting the image in the post? If you turn on the featured image, it automatically inserts the image, however the seo plugin does not see the image and alt text. Additionally, if it’s a short post with just one image, you can move it around in the post.

    • Hi Joe, you can turn the featured image display off on a global basis or just on a specific post.

      To turn featured image display off on a specific post, add the “dont show featured image” category flag to the post.

      To turn featured image display off globally, add this line to your “Custom CSS” box:

      figure.figureFeatured {display:none}

  5. Warren Barnes says:

    Wow! What an incredible job you’ve done with this latest update! While I’ve always been impressed with what you’ve offered, you’ve really outdone yourself with this latest update, Scott.

    It’s been great to see the evolution of the Clickbump line of products over the past few years. The entire package, from the SEO benefits, to the look and feel, to the speed, this latest update has it all! Really looking forward to your release of “Publisher” next week.

    Can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done.


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