New Template: “Canvas” for ClickBump 5 and BizLocal

Update: You can now View the Live Demo Site for the “Canvas” template.
As an early Christmas gift, I’ve just released a new FREE template to ClickBump owners. This template is offered as a free download for current owners of ClickBump theme (Express, Engine and BizLocal owners can get it at the member’s dashboard beginning Friday December 9th)

(Above: The “Canvas” template with the included “ClickBump Slider” widget in the “Above Content” sidebar layout – Click the image for full screen preview)

This is one of the most versatile templates I’ve ever created. I’m calling it “Canvas” because you can take it and create just about any layout or look that you can imagine, all with this one little template. Here’s a look at the template in a few of its almost limitless layout various configurations (click the images for full screen previews):

(Above: The “Canvas” default layout)


(Above: With the “ClickBump Slider” widget enabled)


(Above: With the Amazon Carousel widget enabled)


(Above: With a custom header image and Google headline fonts enabled)


(Above: With a custom background image set to a fixed scroll)

These are just a few of the layouts you can achieve with this template. You can also flip the sidebar to the left, apply your own custom colors to the background, header, menus and content areas, and much more.

10 Responses to “New Template: “Canvas” for ClickBump 5 and BizLocal”

  1. Andrew says:


    Just wondering if this theme is mobile optimised?

    thanks, Andrew

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for your question. Yes, the “Canvas” template skin is mobile optimized. ClickBump itself is the core “theme”. You can change the look and feel via “Template skins” that you install into the theme. Canvas is one of many such skins and *is* mobile optimized.

      You can see more template skins (several mobile optimized) here >

  2. Brett says:


    You’re doing a great job – thanks for updating, now a question…

    > Scott, are you testing your themes for Adsense CTR?

    Same question… I read somewhere G now recommends placing ads (interspaced) within the content, like this:
    text text text

    AD (350px)

    text text text

    AD (350px)

    text text text

    Is it possible to do that with ClickBump?


    • @Brett – absolutely. You can achieve that format (text > ad > text > ad) by utilizing the “ad headroom” feature in ClickBump theme options. This allows you to move the main ad block down into the text block by a set number of pixels. That gives you the “text > ad” layout.

      Now, for the 2nd “text > ad” layout, you just need to place an ad block into your “Below Content” widget container. To do this go to “Appearance > Widgets” and drag a “ClickBump Ad Box” widget over to the “Below Content” widget.

  3. Luke says:

    Scott, are you testing your themes for Adsense CTR?


  4. Dave says:


    I just installed this template and set it up.

    It looks great ! ! : )


  5. Shawn says:

    Thanks Scott. Will this work with my jumpstart pro?

  6. Andrew says:

    Scott you are incredible! I’ve been using the clickbump engine (and a mix of templates) for pretty much all my pages now. This template looks amazing…I’ve downloaded and am digging in right now.

    Great work Scott!!


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