Announcing ClickBump 5.5 and the new “Canvas” layout manager

I’ve just released ClickBump version 5.5 to the member’s downloads page. This release has a ton of enhancements over the previous version. The most notable enhancement is the inclusion of the new “Canvas” layout manager. This is a special tab that appears when you are using the “Canvas” premium template skin (a free download to existing ClickBump theme owners via the downloads dashboard).

In addition to the new template layout tools (for site’s running the “Canvas” template skin), you will also notice that the admin panel is significantly faster than previous versions. I’ll discuss more of the new features in 5.5 below, but I want to show you a few of the out of the box design layouts you can get with the new “Canvas” tab.

The default look and feel for the Canvas template is a spartan, clean, no-frills design. However, you can instantly infuse your own unique character and personality into the design via the new point and click options available from the new “Canvas” tab.

For example, here are a few of the hundreds of design possibilities you can achieve via point and click:

Canvas Demo #1Canvas Demo #1


Canvas Demo #2Canvas Demo #2


Canvas Demo #3Canvas Demo #3 |


Canvas Demo #4Canvas Demo #4 |


Canvas Demo #5


Canvas Default DemoCanvas Default Demo

More to come…

I will be posting a video walk-through illustrating the new features in 5.5 including:

  • New “Canvas” layout manager. Easily customize the default “Canvas” template skin via point and click options.
  • Slider anywhere – you can now include the slider widget anywhere throughout the site. Previously you could only include it on the home page. In addition, when the slider is enabled on category landing pages, it automatically rotates through the posts in the category.
  • Enhanced colorpicker options. You can now directly input hex numbers (or use the colorpicker as before)

2 Responses to “Announcing ClickBump 5.5 and the new “Canvas” layout manager”

  1. Raphael says:

    So Scott:
    How do I upgrade to the new Canvas?
    Bit confused!


    • Scott Blanchard says:

      To upgrade your software to the latest version, follow these steps:

      1) Obtain the latest copy of the software from the owner’s dashboard at >
      2) Download the file and extract it to your desktop.
      3) From within your site, go to “ClickBump > Home > Upgrade C5” and upload the file named that you got from the downloaded file.
      4) Click “Apply” once the file has been transferred and then “Save Changes” to finalize the upgrade on your site.

      Once you’ve completed the upgrade, the new “Canvas” template will automatically be added to your “Templates” pulldown menu. You can select it and click “Apply Changes” to make it your new default template.

      To customize the template design, click the new “Canvas” tab that appears within theme options.

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