ClickBump Version 6.4 Now Available!

With ClickBump 6.4, its now possible to layout the entire site without leaving the widgets manager. Tasks that once required trips through the options panel, can now be done entirely with drag and drop widgets.

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  2. Categories Widget vs Category Index
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The latest release of ClickBump theme is jam packed with new features and functionality.

New custom widgets include the “Custom Menus” widget, the “Video Box” widget and now with the 6.4.1 update comes you now have the “ClickBump: Categories” widget.

The new widgets have been added to the “Available Widgets” panel at “Appearance > Widgets”.

Since we discussed the menus and video widgets in previous articles, this post will highlight the new categories widget. To include it on your site, just drag it over into one of the sidebar areas and click “Save”.


Once you drag it over and click Save, its ready to go. And when you feel the need to tweak, your custom options are just a click away. You can configure the widget to display in a variety of layouts with just a few clicks within the widget options panel.

This widget essentially replaces the older “Category Index” feature that’s been available since version 4.0 (clickbump > layout > category index)

The Category Index feature is still available for you to use, however, you will probably prefer working with the new Categories Widget since setup is much easier.

Both the “Categories Widget” and the “Category Index” are able to display category summaries along with thumbnail images representing each category.

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