ClickBump Version 6.4 Now Available!

With ClickBump 6.4, its now possible to layout the entire site without leaving the widgets manager. Tasks that once required trips through the options panel, can now be done entirely with drag and drop widgets.

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The ClickBump Categories widget is all about rapid setup and flexibility

For example, you can simply drag and drop the widget to the location you want it to appear and then configure it to display in one or more columns (up to 6 columns is supported).

By default, the widget will list all categories along with a summary of the category and the category thumbnail image (if present). You can also exclude certain categories as well as add things like “Read More” link, outlines, etc…

The summary is auto populated up to the first sentence. To gain more control over the summary, just like with the category index, you can enter your summary into the “Snippet Text” field in the category manager. This will output the exact category summary you input, giving you precise control over it, just like the “More” tag for posts/pages.

This widget is essentially a clone of the “Custom Menus” widget, but for categories instead of posts/pages.

One note on thumbnail images. The widget supports two thumbnail image sizes, “small” and “medium”. The default is “small” which is preset to 50×50 pixels. If you select Medium, the default size is 125 pixels (unless you’ve customized this setting via “Category Index > Thumbnail Size” in which case, that becomes “medium”)

You can configure which size (small or medium) you want displayed via the widget’s advanced options. To view advanced options, just click the link that reads “Show More Options” in the widget’s control panel. Click over to page 3 to see the advanced options panel for this widget:

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