CE4.1 Beta now shipping with a slew of enhancements

I’ve just updated the CE4.1 beta to “release candidate 5”. You can pick up the new version at the dashboard under your CE4 box.

There are lots of enhancements. I will be posting a video shortly showcasing all of the new stuff, but here is a quick hit listing…

  • Decorative Headline Fonts – you can now install and specify designer friendly headline fonts for your site (details below*)
  • Full Width Pages – any post or page can be made to expand the full width of the template just by adding the “no-sidebar” category to the post.
  • More options for page titles, including the ability to specify a separate custom page/post title and h1 heading on a per post basis.
  • Custom Header and Footer menus – allows you to define your own custom header menu as well as footer menu and include any combination of pages, posts, categories and custom links. All managed by the new WordPress Custom Menus options available at “Appearance > Menus”.

About the new Designer Headline Fonts
If you’ve seen the new “Biloxi” template for the upcoming BizLocal package, you’ve seen an example of the new headline fonts available in CE4.1. This is made possible by one of the coolest things to hit the web since Ajax. Its called Cufon font replacement and its the latest breakthrough in typography on the web. I’ve fully embraced this technology and embedded the functionality as an option in CE4.1

The new Biloxi template uses CE4.1 headline fonts

I will be posting more info in the coming days on how to leverage this exciting new technology that works with all major browsers and is super lightweight and fast. The skinny? Go to CE4 > Misc and upload your font description files via the “Add New Font” button, then add a single line to specify how your font should be used (see the screenshot below for an example using the “Delicious” font family to display all h1, h2 and h4 headings along with the site title and tagline elements)

For more examples of the cool fonts you can use with CE4.1, check out this list of freely available designer fonts that you can use today in your ce4.1 based sites. What’s more, these fonts are all licensed for use with cufon font replacement.

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