ClickBump Developer License

The developer license add-on for ClickBump theme allows you to use the theme on domains you do not own.

Here’s what you CAN do:

  • Create sites for clients using ClickBump theme on their domains
  • Create sites with the intention of flipping the domain (normal multi-domain license requires new user to purchase theme in order to use it on a flipped site). Just note that site buyers must purchase a license for each installed product in order to access updates, tutorials and forums.

Here’s what you CANNOT do:

  • Sell sites using the theme or SEO! plugin for less than the cost of a multiple domain license for each product ($17 for ClickBump theme and $37 for SEO!)
  • Resell the theme
  • Use the software on multi-user WordPress installations or any other configuration where multiple end users can access the theme simultaneously
  • The developer license is intended to give users the ability to make money building sites for third-parties, not as a way to enable third-parties to avoid paying for the software. If you want to make money selling the theme to others, sign up for the affiliate program and promote it.

To purchase the developer’s license click the buy button below.

Note: You must first purchase one of my products, ClickBump Theme, ClickBump SEO! or ClickBump Bundle, prior to purchasing the developer’s license.


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