ClickBumped! The Missing Thread

Several warriors and I spent the span of a couple of days last week pouring our hearts into a thread which was titled…

“My First $100 day on the Xfactor method”

In which I posted my journey from Adsense noob (I only made $20 in two years with Adsense on a daily update blog) to what you might call a somewhat reluctant “Adsense phenom” in the span of two short months. I made $309 dollars my first month, then doubled that the next month with $807.12

This month I’m on track to double that and I’m at $1223.06 as of today for the month of November.

So in a little over 2.5 months, I’ve gone from $20 in my Adsense account, to $2339.00 and counting…

I did it by applying the techniques of Xfactor (aka John, the $300 a day Adsense guy) along with some of my own unique seo optimization techniques and an interesting indexing method I call the “Sneaky Punctuation Trick”

So that brings us to the point of this post…

Several fellow warriors have asked what happened to the thread that I posted where I detailed my techniques and laid everything bare for others to learn.

You can read the full story over on my blog at Warrior Forum, but the gist is this: it never went anywhere.

A Wise Man once said, “A city on a hill cannot be hidden”, and like that city, knowledge is a light that cannot be put out (especially with persistent caching and PDFs 🙂

So that brings me to the reason for this post. I happened to have my tabs left open all night that night and had both threads displayed. So I’ve got every last post that was made there and I’m creating a PDF of it and I’m going to sell it for…

<just kidding>

Gotcha! I’ve created a downloadable PDF of it right here on my server and anyone who wants the to learn the clickbump twist on the Xfactor method (<part 1 PDF 41 pages) knowledge can get it for free (< part 2 PDF 25 pages).

5 Responses to “ClickBumped! The Missing Thread”

  1. Excellent day! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard
    on. Any suggestions?

    • The best cure is an ounce of prevention. Most importantly, never use the wordpress default “admin” account. Always create a new administrator account and use a unique username (never “admin”) and a very secure password that mixes uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters and is NOT FOUND IN THE DICTIONARY.

  2. kidou says:

    hi, clicky

    Concerning your punctuation method,how do you get your links in those hundreds of forums?Also i wanted to know,do give a little more info on that subject if we purchase your template because im very interested but there are some points that i dont get with your method.thanks

  3. admin says:

    Hi Richard, that’s a great question. I sort of teased it and left it out there cold so here it is…

    The “sneaky punctuation trick” is a method whose purpose is solely to get a hot new niche site indexed as quickly and as highly as humanly possible. The technique involves creating hidden links to your new sites within the punctuation (or smilies if you prefer) of your sig file in any of hundreds of thousands of frequently indexed discussion and interest forums across the net.

    I’ve got a post over on Warrior Forum about it and you can get the skinny there, but that’s the gist of it…

  4. Richard says:

    It’s very nice of you to post the thread.

    Can you be more specific about “Sneaky Punctuation Trick”? I did not see it being mentioned in the thread. Can I sum your twist as: on page seo (template driven natural seo) + forum backlinks + focusing on one product keyword + exact match domain?

    To me the biggest problem is to find a good niche. Is there any systematical way to find a product niche rather than trial and error? Even with the help of NMF, it is still a time consuming process. Thanks!

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