New Template: “Gifted” for ClickBump C5, CE4 and Bizlocal

To celebrate the start of the holiday shopping season, and with “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” fast approaching, I’m introducing “Gifted“, a new template skin package for ClickBump C5 and CE4 (for ClickBump Express, Engine and BizLocal)

Christmas themes
Above: “Gifted” (click the image for full screen preview)

This template installs with one click into your existing site (requires the ClickBump core theme, which can be purchased at This template has a gift wrap style background and is framed with a nice soft drop shadow effect using CSS3’s “box shadow”. The default colors are set for a holiday theme, but you can change them in a couple of clicks to any of millions of color combinations. This includes the header background, the gift wrap background color, the headline fonts, tagline fonts, excerpt fonts, menu backgrounds, etc… You are in complete control to customize to your liking.

Custom Header in one click

As with all ClickBump template’s, you can upload your own custom header with one click via “ClickBump > Images > Header Image > Upload“. I’ve included a layered header template that you can open and customize at For more on customizing header’s via Pixlr, see this post. The image is 100 pixels tall by 960 pixels wide.

Gifted header in C5
Above: The header image preview and options at ClickBump 5 > Images > Header Image (Click for full screen preview)

pixlr header edit

Above: The header.pxd file inside pixlr.

Included with your template purchase, is a layered header.pxd file which you can open and edit at It contains 3 layers, a layer with the package graphic, a layer without the graphic, and a texture layer. The image is 100 pixels tall by 960 pixels wide. You can paste your own image over this if you like and scale it to fit. If you want to create a taller header image, just use pixlr’s “Image > Canvas Size” function to resize the image to meet your needs. You can then increase the header area size in ClickBump at “ClickBump > Images > Header Image > Custom Height“. Once you are done, just save the image as header.png and upload it to your website using “ClickBump > Images > Header Image > Upload.

Slider Enabled in one click

Every ClickBump template is enabled with an optional point and click Slider widget. With the slider enabled as you can see below, your site can feature your top product recommendations as attractive slides, complete with images, videos, teaser text and hot links directly to your affiliate landing page at your merchants site (Amazon, Ebay Partner Network, Wal Mart, ClickBank, etc).

clickbump slider widget
Above: The Slider is being used as a lead in for key site reviews on hot holiday products like the new Kindle Fire. (click for full screen preview)

The slider is implemented as a WordPress custom “Text” widget and is enabled with one click via theme options and can be configured and customized via “Appearance > Widgets > Header > Slider“.

clickbump slider widget

Google Web Fonts pre-installed for a professional look

Google fonts

I’ve fully embraced Google Web Fonts with ClickBump 5. You can enable this option with ALL premium and core templates just by selecting your desired fonts at “ClickBump > Text > Headline Fonts“. You can choose a “Primary” headline font as well as a “Secondary” headline font. The primary headline font will be used for your Site Title, Tagline, and all Headings throughout the site. The secondary headline font will be used for your Tagline and post excerpts.

Google fonts

In screenshots above, I’m using  “Jockey One” for the primary font and “Satisfy” for the secondary font. You can easily customize this to your liking and choose from any of the over 290+ available fonts.

Achieve an unlimited number of color combinations with point and click color changes. Easily customize the header graphic, header background color, body background color, flyout menu color, and accent colors and fonts.


This template will be available for purchase and download beginning Sunday November 13, 2011 from the ClickBump owner’s dashboard for $10.

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