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Google authorship is one of the most powerful tools that web publishers can leverage for better search engine visibility and authority. In this article, I'm going to discuss how you can automate Google Authorship markup within your posts.

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  1. Introduction to Rich Snippets
  2. Authorship Basics
  3. Verifying your Authorship Markup

Enabling your articles and posts with an author box and/or author byline helps build trust with users, increases click through rates on search results pages and more. Most importantly, by including it on your posts and pages, you can activate Google Rich Snippets to get special SERP display in Google like this:

google rich snippets

The elusive google rich snippets listing

Google doeesn’t make it easy to create rich snippet search results, so it helps to have a theme that enables “Google Authorship” and makes it easy to add the relevant bits to your pages. ClickBump 6 provides built in “point and click” settings to take the guesswork (and coding) out of this task for you.

You can enable an “Author Byline” and/or Author Bio Box (complete with the proper Google Authorship markup) on your post articles via “ClickBump > Social > Author Box” as seen below (click the image to expand it):

google authorship

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14 Responses to “Google Rich Snippets”

  1. Hey Scott,

    I just searched in Google for “Google Rich Snippets Scott Blanchard” and your listing came up but there’s not any stars now.

    In fact it appears no search results for anything are showing review stars anymore.

    Have I got something set wrong in Chrome or did Google actually do away with the review stars. always showed up with stars but not now.

    I’m bewildered by this.

    What do you think? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Mike C.

    • Not sure why. Apparently G thinks the article is more closely categorized as a “content article” than a “product/service review”. They have discretion in that regard.

      However, I can confirm that star ratings are still being shown in Google search.

  2. Cemlyn says:

    As soon as I pressed ‘Submit Comment’ I saw your comment reply just above about adding the code to page.php. Did that and it works great.


  3. Cemlyn says:

    Hi Scott

    The Author box, plus photo, is appearing fine on the posts but will not show on my home page. I add the code, which I have tested separately, and as soon as I save the page and go back in to have a look, WordPress has deleted it. I read on another forum that this happens and there is a special code that is needed to stop WordPress from doing this.

    Is this true ??

  4. Tony says:

    Thanks for the info.

    Your author byline is simply what you select in under your profile/Display name publicly as, correct?

    The google authorship part was a bit confusing, but I think I have everything setup for one site.

    I have several sites I recently created separate pages for under one google account. If I set everything up like the first site but set them to a different Google+ links in the Your Profile page, should everything work with people being directed to different google plus pages for each site they encounter in searches?

  5. James says:

    Hi Scott,

    I am trying to get my pages in the SERPS show up with an image but have not seem any appear now in over 3 weeks. I believe I have set this up as per your instructions. If i look at the rich snippets test page it shows it to be working correctly.

    I am using pages as opposed to posts and have decided not to show the author box below my pages, but i don’t think should be the reason why as i had previously set this up to show on posts and had the same problem. Any ideas?

  6. Sean says:

    Hi Scot,

    Can you do this for pages?

    • Sean, it would be easy to do but I’m not currently implementing it. If you want to do it yourself, open page.php and add this line just above the line “//below content footer”

      //author byline

      //below content footer

  7. Warren Barnes says:

    Thanks Scott –

    I found out why the text in the bio box wasn’t dropping down below the title.

    I had the Move > Headings Inline box checked in the layout menu. Unchecked it and all is well now.

    Tested a new post in the snippet tool and it came back as your example did. I’d tried a post that was created previously when I first checked the tool out.

    Thanks again – and looking forward to your Publisher release. It looks great!


  8. Warren Barnes says:

    Hi Scott,

    I’d like to have my name in a different font size / color.

    As it is now, all I’m getting is About Warren Barnes in bold black, then a space and on the same line, my bio starts.

    Also – how long should it take the snippet tool to show the extracted author info? I’ve just updated this a few minutes ago. Only seeing my twitter profile at this point.

    Thanks again.


    • Your name is automatically added by the software (Based on the “Nickname” field in WordPress) under “Users > Your Profile > Nickname”

      To format your author box bio name in a different size/color, you can do that with this custom css:

      #author-description h3{font-size:150%;color:red;}

      About how long it takes for your profile to update via the snippets, I’m not certain. You may need to do some live tests with different page setups to confirm whether its caching your settings on google’s server or not.

  9. Warren Barnes says:


    Thanks for the tutorial on this. I can’t seem to get HTML to work in the Biographical Info. box. Can you tell me how you were able to use it in your box above?

    Is this something that can be done now with a CSS tweak? Perhaps built in with your new Publisher template?



    • Hi Warren, the only HTML I added was for the hyperlink. The rest of my author box is auto-created by the ClickBump Theme. Its not specific to the ClickBump “Publisher” skin I’m using on this site, any ClickBump template skin works with this.

      The photo, name, bio and “follow/subscribe” buttons are all automatically added based on the setup steps I’ve described in the post.

      Is there a specific html component you are trying to add?

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