How To Find Profile Backlinks For FREE!

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How To Find Profile Backlinks For FREE!
By Mark Rafferty

There’s been a bit of confusion on this thread… It is on how to find profiles to place your backlinks on..

Everyone loves free methods and this is one I uncovered..

I’ve been doing this for a long time now and I thought I’d share.

Basically my name is Mark Rafferty and that’s what it all started with – my own name.

I went to Google and typed in “MarkRafferty” exactly like that in quotes, then found all the profiles, and started signing up to the sites!

I then also looked out for usernames on those sites, then went back to Google and typed in “profileusername” where I then found more sites and signed up to them.

Then I started with a fresh name “barackobama” found the profiles for that name, and signed up for them too.

Within 3 hours using that strategy and Roboform, I had over 90 sites, that I now consistenly use for all my backlinking, apart from the linkwheels I build and articles I write!

My number1 tip – take part in the community a little bit, afterall you are borrowing their site. My number 2 tip, link back to your pfoiles from other profiles, pass some love back to your own links while also passing some love back to the sites that are helping you get ranked!

Hope you like this!

Mark Rafferty

4 Responses to “How To Find Profile Backlinks For FREE!”

  1. Bill says:

    I’ve utilized this technique for a long time…I go to forums and check the member list….I look for highly competitive niches and locate 10 or so forum names and check the backlinks through yahoo…..amazing what you can find there.

  2. Ovidius says:

    Usefull information thanks for it … anyway nice blog you got here .. keep going with it:)

  3. Mark Rafferty says:

    Hey dude, was nice speaking with you in Pm’s nice post. Mark Rafferty

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