How to set up a blog in less than 2 minutes

One of the cool things about building sites with WordPress is that its an extremely robust feature set. It gives you all the tools you’ll ever need to launch a content- rich, well organized (and categorized) site that draws in search traffic to allow you to make money from home.

However, as powerful as this blog software is, especially with the vast array of blog templates that are available, there has always been a few things that annoyed me about the default WordPress setup. In particular, since I launch a lot of sites each year in various niches, I find myself having to repeat the same steps over and over when setting up a blog in WordPress.

For example, once my WordPress site is built, I have to do the following…

  1. Edit the name of the site to match my main keyword phrase
  2. Edit the site’s tagline to reflect the main theme of my site
  3. Remove the default “about” page from the site and go to the trash to “permanently delete” it
  4. Remove the default “hello world” post and permanently delete it.
  5. Set up the site for indexing by search engines (the default setting since WordPress 2.7 has been to block search engines)
  6. Set up my permalinks structure so that my page links are human and search engine friendly (, as opposed to
  7. Install, Activate and configure my chosen theme or site template.
  8. Copy and paste my Google Analytics code into the site
  9. Copy and paste my Google Adsense code into the site (or alternately, my affiliate link when deploying a review site)

All in all, once I’m done I’ve wasted about a half hour of time and I haven’t even created a single piece of content yet. What’s more, since most of this stuff is spread over several nested menus and screens, it make a minute of work seem like an hour.

So after about a dozen times of using this redundant method of launching websites with WordPress, I decided I had to find a better way. I needed to find some way of automating this process down to a few clicks, preferably only 1.

That’s when I had a thought to create an automated WordPress plugin that would do all of this for me with one click.

Once I set out to do this, it occurred to me that it would also be good, while I was programming this plugin to go about deleting those default pages and adjusting the blog settings for maximum SEO, to also go ahead and have the software create and install my main product post template as well as my contact, privacy and affiliate disclaimer pages. And for good measure, I’d also include my Adsense code settings as well as the default Google Analytics and my Google Webmaster tools verification code.

Once I had finished with this plugin, I decided to call it ClickBump JumpStart for WordPress and make it available as an installable plugin that turbocharges my adsense site creator software, buy this I mean ClickBump Engine, putting site deployment on autopilot.

The result of the integration of these two tools is that I’m now able to crank out an affiliate, adsense or CPA site in less than a few minutes, just by clicking a couple of buttons. Its pretty amazing to see a stock WordPress installation turn into a robust, Niche Adsense site, complete with the default pages and dressed in a highly optimized and attractive theme, tested and proven to excel at conversions, all in a few seconds.

I hope to have  a video of the process up and running here soon (once I get Camtasia installed and working on my PC), to show you just how fast this process works to help you start to make money blogging. Until then, head over to the ClickBump JumpStartJumpStart page and check out the full description and what owners are saying about this incredible site deployment engine.

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    Hey Scott you got some useful beginner stuff here, nice blog!

    I look forward to checking out more from you

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