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Welcome Juggernauts! Thanks for the Shout out on tonight’s Webinar John

I recently had the good fortune to get an invite to John Rhodes new coaching webinar series, “Juggernaut SEO” and attended the first Webinar last night.
The word “Juggernaut” is defined as: a massive, inexorable force that seems to crush everything in its way. John boils it down to “an unstoppable
forward moving force…”

Judging by last night’s Webinar (1 in a 5 part series), its an apt description of what’s to come from John’s teachings.

The neat thing about the title of his course is that a Juggernaut is in motion. Taking action. Unstoppable. That is something that 95% of people who start in internet marketing never do – take action. They just keep getting more and more information, but never use any of it, because the next new thing always come along. A vicious cycle. They are getting crushed by the juggernauts.

I would not know about John, had it not been for my thread on creating niche adsense sites on Warrior Forum. If you have not met or listened to John before, the best way I can describe his delivery and style would be a mix between Leo Laporte and Tony Robbinsa rare understanding of the man-machine interaction, fused with a capability to communicate and inspire.

The fact that he was able to hold attention for a 5 hour Webinar, that for some in attendance, lasted until after midnight, was a testament to his ability to communicate and court attention.

John is one of the leading customer experience and usability experts in the field of Internet Marketing and brings a unique blend of Ghestalt psychology and behavioral science to the business of customer-centric internet marketing with degrees in Management Science, an M.A. in Philosophy, and an M.A. in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology. To get right to the point, John knows of what he speaks.

Once I was finally able to fire up the Webinar (I had to put the kids to bed and didn’t join the show until 2 hours in), the first indication that this course would offer something completely different was the fact that, rather than use slides to run the presentation, John was using mind mapping software.

It was completely effective for the information he was presenting, since it allowed the entire scope of the Webinar to be viewed in a glance, with a focus on the current topic via the nodes of the mind map.

I’ve been using Mind Maps since I was first introduced to them in the corporate world. It was pretty evident John had done this sort of thing before, having been called on by clients just scant degrees of separation from the President of the United States himself.

One of the core concepts John discussed, an a overiding theme of the evening, was that too many of us are focused on Google and technology and gaming the system, when the real focus should be on the target customer and writing content for people, an in particular, content that people want to share with other people.

Owing to the comments during the evening, it was apparent that John was able to reframe and reshape people’s ideas of who they are courting, content for Google or content for people. Its a fine line at times, since Google can be your only link to the customer, but one that we need to be aware of as we elevate Google, and hold them up as an icon at the expense of the ultimate customer we want to reach.

Another interesting observation that John made was that most people are focused on backlinks, when the real target they are after is traffic. This seems somewhat obvious, but its very easy to get consumed in the chase for backlinks and lose sight of the fact that backlinks are a means to an end. Targeted traffic is the real holy grail.

The Webinar was jam packed with information and lasted some five hours as John tirelessly and passionately delivered his material. Towards the end of the evening as we wrapped up the first session, the conversation turned to some key books and influencers of John’s and the attendees.

A reference to John’s stealth application of a few gems from the 48 Laws of Power and the teachings of John Maxwell (Everyone Communicates, Few Connect) – two of my favorite books on human interaction.

John then took a few minutes to share some thoughts from a few of his favorite books including Dune, Cashvertising, Ultimate Sales letter, Scientific AdvertisingHow I Made My First Million on The Internet and Work The System.

Perhaps the most appropriate book reference of the evening was a poignant discussion of Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think. I’ve found myself referencing it time and time again in my consulting practice and it embodies one of the core thesis points of last night’s session, its about people, not technology.

There was several hundred people on the Webinar and John deftly handled the questions throughout the evening without interrupting the flow of information he delivered. I came away inspired with depth and scope of the material and very much looking forward to what’s in store in the next 4 Webinars. More to come…

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6 Responses to “Juggernaut SEO”

  1. Jason says:

    John S Rhodes Rocks!!! I am slightly biased as a member of Juggernaut but my god it is sooo full of content, unbelievable that he is able to hold these mammoth sessions running into 5 hours plus. But your attention level never drops as there is important information to take in on every section… and he delivers with real style. Happy to say I am one very happy attendee.

  2. Fran says:

    Hey Scott,
    I am totally impressed by your blog post on SEO Juggernaut.

  3. Kieran says:

    Am a late arrival but a happy camper to say the least. Joined Juggernaut SEO last night and am sooooo glad I did. Logged into the members area this morning and read glowing testimonial after glowing testimonial.

    SEO is a big mystery to me, and I know by hearing what everyone (you included) has to say about John’s 5 hour marathon “Introduction/Module 1” webinar, that I’m learning from the right source… bring on the next 4 webinar training sessions – way to go John!!

    • Scott says:

      Hi Kieran, John’s got some heavy lifting to do to match the intensity of the first Webinar. I just got a few emails he sent in preparation for this Wednesday’s session, and I can confirm he’s ready to deliver once again.

  4. Onel says:

    The webinar was excellent. Need to say no more. Looking forward to the next.

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