Announcing ClickBump JumpStart PRO!

Today I get to introduce a product I’ve been working on for months, JumpStart PRO! Its the successor to my wildly successful WordPress site installer, “JumpStart”. However, as you can imagine, the “Pro” version does much more. It comes pre-installed with a copy of my award winning WordPress theme (ClickBump Express) as well as the new premium template, “Amaze” all pre-installed and configured.

You can purchase and download it now via Paypal at Note: Existing JumpStart owners: don’t use this link. You get a special discount link inside the members dashboard at the top of your JumpStart box.

Here’s a quick video demo of the install that creates a fully functional site in less than 30 seconds:

As you can see from that quick demo video, JumpStart Pro enables you to create fully functional websites in seconds. What’s more, the installer automatically installs and activates the ClickBump theme and “Amaze” premium template, along with all of your pages, posts, widgets, plugins and site settings.

Fully Functional WordPress Sites In less than 30 seconds!

The JumpStart Pro installer, stores all of your default settings that are repeated on every site you create, saving you time and money. Its the absolute fastest way to get a site up and earning, bar none.

With JumpStart Pro, you can go from a default WordPress installation, to the site you see in the screenshot below, with just the click of a button and without touching a line of code or even entering the WordPress content editor:

Completed JumpStart Pro Site

12 Responses to “Announcing ClickBump JumpStart PRO!”

  1. Wayne says:

    Hi Scott

    This looks like an incredible plug in mate, but I am reasonably new to WordPress and I was wondering if I could use sub-domains to propagate content instead of new domain name / hosting for each site?

    My hosting provides me with ∞ unlimited sub domains, so from a cost benefit it could work out for me.

    Thank You


    • Scott says:

      @Wayne: Thanks for your comments. Yes, you can use the program on subdomains. As long as each subdomain has a separate installation of WordPress, you can create a website on it and install and run ClickBump there.

  2. Rajesh Watts says:

    Hi Scott,

    I would like to know bit more about Jumpstart Pro. How it is different from the original version? Will I be able to configure other plugins also in it? For example instead of entering the API Key and activating Akismet every time I setup a wordpress blog, can I use pro version to do it. Can I also activate different template every time?


    • Scott says:

      Hi Rajesh, great questions. For the plugins question, you can place your favorite default plugins into the “plugins” folder of the jumpstart installer and it will automatically install those plugins for you. In terms of the akismet key, if its just a record in the wp options table, then yes, you can place any setting into that table using JSPro’s “settings.ini” file.

      You can also specify your default template using that same file. You can edit it directly or you can export one from an existing ClickBump site via “Misc > Settings Manager > Export Settings”

  3. Paul says:

    Scott, does this install ‘your’ default settings, or can I set up a website (using clickbump of course) configure the pages etc to suit me, and any other plugins I may use?

    i.e. does it back up a wordpress configuration of ‘mine’ and install it, or will it just install the one configuration – the one you have initially told it to do?


    • Scott says:

      @Paul, both. You can use the defaults out of the box to get the exact look you see in the demo video OR you can create a source site, then export your settings.ini file (CE4 > Misc > Settings Manager > Export Settings). You would then copy this settings.ini file into the jumpstart-pro’s “settings/” folder, overwriting my settings file.

      For pages, posts and widgets, if you want to customize those so that they are different from my defaults, you can edit those in their respective folders inside the jumpstart-pro folder – “jumpstart-pro/pages/”, “jumpstart-pro/posts/”, “jumpstart-pro/widgets/.

  4. DJ says:

    Hi Scott,

    I watched the video and wondering if those of us that own Bizlocal need this, it looked like Jumpstart Pro with Amaze template is Jumpstart with BizLocal-Seattle.

    Can you clarify please.


    • Scott says:

      @ DJ, BizLocal uses the same installer that JSPro uses, its just set up a bit differently (see Paul’s Q&A above) to create a slightly different site. You could certainly use BizLocal in the same way I’m using JSPro and, rather than installing the BizLocal templates, install your own custom templates. Just make sure to edit (or export) your settings.ini file so that the default template is set to your chosen template. Also make sure that you have this template in the “jumpstart-pro/templates/” folder.

  5. Scott says:

    @Roshan & Adam: thanks for the kind words.

  6. Adam says:

    Hey Scott,

    I use and love all your products. I will for sure be purchasing this one as well. Great Stuff!


  7. Roshan says:

    Hi Scott,

    Great work man! I can smell future of the WordPress with your amazing work. Who know you might get a offer from WordPress guys tooo………

    Keep up the good work

    ~ SB

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