Sneak Peek: ClickBump “Keyword Miner”

Jan 6, 2012 Update: Keyword Miner version 1 is complete! Before it can be released we are still working on a downloads site and support infrastructure. There will be a free version and a paid “Pro” version at launch.

Dec 13, 2011 Update: Keyword Miner has been converted to a native browser extension! We have it running in Chrome and will soon port our work to Firefox.

Deploying the app as a native browser extension allows much faster execution than Greasemonkey allows, plus more control. For example, when you hit the Adwords keywords tools page, we can default the “Match Type” to “Exact” (no more mistakes with that annoying little default “broad” search)

I’m pretty psyched about what I’m about to introduce to you today. I’ve been working on this keyword research application for several months and its coming together amazingly well in the last few weeks. Just prior to the release date, I will be offering all existing product owners an early bird discount offer before its available to the public, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek today.

The application, code-named “Keyword Miner“, automates and simplifies the process of researching and finding profitable keyword rich domains that you can monetize. The killer feature of Keyword Miner is that its integrated directly into the actual Google search results with real-time data. It will provide a listing of all available top level domains as well as a “Competitive Snapshot” for each to give you a solid idea of the ease of ranking a site for each keyword.

Most important though is Speed.

Unlike other more costly software tools like Market Samurai or Micro Niche Finder, Keyword Miner runs right inside your favorite web browser. This means there’s no desktop application to install, manage or update.

To use it, you will just install a tiny little script into your browser (works with FireFox, Chrome and Safari) and then head over to the Google Adwords Keywords tool (GAKT) to see it in action.

To begin, just search for a keyword term or phrase in the GAKT interface and you’ll see the related terms appear along with the monthly search volumes for each result.

Here’s where the magic happens in real time keyword research….

With the Keyword Miner add-on installed into your browser, you will notice a new column labeled “Available Domains” has been added to the search results*

The Keyword Miner application augments the search results and automatically lists the available top level domains for each keyword phrase returned, complete with a link to purchase the domain.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like for a typical search (this is live data taken just a few minutes ago for the term “tow mirrors”):

keyword miner

(click the screenshot for full screen preview)

This script was inspired by the “Domains By Volume” script by Oliver Tani which I introduced you to last year. Unfortunately, after Google updated the keyword suggestions tool, Oliver’s script ceased to work and it was never updated to work with the new interface. That’s where this script comes in. It is fully compatible with the updated GAKT interface and I will be adding lots of enhancements to it as I develop it further.

You can get this same functionality now, for $99 with Micro Niche Finder. However, you’ll be able to pick up a copy of ClickBump Keyword Miner for a fraction of that cost.

*To give you some insights into my plans for this application: Keyword Miner, along with my WordPress theme (ClickBump 5), On-page SEO plugin (ClickBump SEO!) and Local Business Website builder (BizLocal), form the basis of a comprehensive suite of solutions for monetizing web traffic.

Keyword Miner will re-enforce my long term product strategy of over-delivering and under-pricing on products that exceed expectations for Internet Marketing professionals. For example, I’m currently testing additional options like “Competitive Analysis” similar to MNF’s “Strength of Competition” which will give you an instant analysis of how competitive this keyword phrase would be to rank for, without ever leaving the page you are on, based on a variety of known ranking factors like PageRank, Backlinks, Age, and an analysis of the on-page SEO strength of the Google top ten for each search result.

42 Responses to “Sneak Peek: ClickBump “Keyword Miner””

  1. Taylor Banks says:

    Hey Scott,

    Any update on this? Did Keyword Miner ever get released?

  2. Rudy says:

    I think the keyword miner will be a hit. There many keyword tools in the market, mainly it “scrape” the Google Keyword Tool and add some functionality like domain availability and competition analysis. But since the Google are regularly updating, the keyword tools are also regularly not working.

    It’s different with the keyword miner; which it actually implant the add-on functionality to the browser, and not scrape-ing the Google Keyword Tool.

    Scott, where can I join the notification list ?

    • Scott Blanchard says:

      @Rudy, thank for your comments. You can follow my Twitter feed to be notified when its ready.

      Ironically, we are all subject to Google’s coding of the keywords tool page. That’s one of the reasons the launch has been delayed. Google just changed their page again. The software, although it works as a browser extension, has to make some assumptions about the page layout. When Google changes that, the software has to be updated to reflect that.

      The good thing though, is that the update is automatic for the end user, once we’ve made the changes.

  3. Bob says:

    Hey Scott,

    Do you mean that the tool is available for Chrome?

  4. Ernie Vila says:

    Almost Jan. ! Anticipation! Any news on the release date?

    • Scott says:

      @Ernie – I’ve just posted an update at the top of the thread. The software is complete. There will be a free “Lite” version and a premium “Pro” version. The lite version will do EMD lookups and domain registrations. The “Pro” version ads competitive analysis, configurable options and several additional features including support.

      The release date is pending the setup of the infrastructure to handle downloads, updates and upgrades from Lite to Pro.

  5. Mike says:

    Hey Scott,

    I saw your update – does that mean it’s ready to download for Chrome?

  6. John in NY says:


    When you put up a buy button, I’m in.

    If you release it without the competition analysis feature, it would still be a must have tool for me.

    The competition analysis feature would make a great future enhancement, but I want the EMD finder now! 🙂


  7. Jon says:

    Hey Scott,

    I would encourage you to include the competition analysis. Too me, that’s the game changer, not so much the domain feature. Thank you!

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