Groupon Style Templates for Lead Generation

Daily deals sites are all the rage these days and by far the king of them all is Groupon. My wife loves it and uses it quite often.

With that in mind, I’m about to release a Groupon inspired template package called “LeadGen” which is designed to allow you to quickly set up a lead generation site with the familiar look and feel of the grandaddy of daily deals sites.

groupon template for wordpress
The live demo sites are up and you can preview them now:

1) Click here to preview LeadGen

2) Click here to preview LeadGen-Alt

To make the lead generation box possible, I’ve added a new drag and drop widget to the latest version of ClickBump theme . The new widget is called “ClickBump: Forms” and you can just drag it into a sidebar to get the same look and feel and functionality I’m displaying on the demo sites.

The default form markup is compatible with AWeber and all popular auto-responder services and includes a Name, Email and Phone capture fields. On modern web browsers and devices, you’ll get some nifty form feedback cues made possible by HTML5’s new form controls. For example, each form field has “placeholder” text to guide the user to fill out the form. It also has autocomplete built right in.

Looking forward to getting your feedback on these new templates!

~ s

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  1. Must have been temporarily down. Its up now:

  2. Shirley says:

    Hey Scott just an FYI your RSS Feed is not working

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