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In this post I talk about how I went from $21 in Adsense income to over $300 my first month of leveraging the Xfactor adsense method.

[Update:] Since this post was originally created back in October, I’ve made over $14k with Google Adsense in less than a year (part time – I have a day job too)

I’ve done it solely by creating tiny little niche websites with Google Adsense ads at the top of every post page. The method by which I’ve done this, using a combination of “Xfactor Adsense” teachings along with George Brown’s Google Sniper techniques, has come to be known as the “ClickBump Method“.

The common thing though, that has enabled me to rapidly turn out niche websites that make money on virtual auto-pilot, is the WordPress Template Engine that I created to run all my sites. I call it ClickBump Engine and since I first packaged it and began offering it to other Adsense andClickBank publishers, it has achieved phenomenal success and accolades from customers. The fact that I use this same system every day, means I’m constantly updating and tweaking it for maximum ranking power to keep my sites on the top of Google.

But it was all based on the foundation of teachings I learned in a remarkably powerful ebook from a guy named John (XFactor) who’s come to be a mentor and friend.

If after reading this review of John’s Xfactor Adsense Course, you decide to purchase the course using my affiliate link, I’ll give you the new XFactored 2.0 template as an additional bonus. The only requirement is that you must order the ClickBump Engine system within 48 hours of purchasing John’s course.

Originally posted on October 3o, 2009

I just got a $309.82 check today from Google, Inc.
(you can view it at the bottom of this post. This was my very first check ever from Google. Since then, I’ve received checks in excess of $2k)

To see the how I was able to do it, click here

This was my first check ever from Google, despite having a blog with Adsense ads (not this one actually) in which I posted nearly every day and drew a respectable amount of traffic.

So what was it that it that finally broke my two year drought and got me my first Adsense check? In a word, a guy named John. John goes by username Xfactor on the forum where I first discovered him when he wrote a post that chronicled how he made $300 a day from Adsense alone.

That got my attention

Especially since I’d been going at it pretty steady for two years and had only managed to accumulate a grand total of $20.32 in all that time from the Adsense ads I had peppered around my daily blog posts.

In his post, John laid out his basic outline of how he had managed to triple his Adsense income in six months. He went on further to list, point by point, his lessons learned along the way. This became the basis of the ebook he would later write (and I would later purchase).

And here is the golden nuggets of that post that started this whole crazy Xfactor thing

  1. From One Big Site to Many Many Small Sites– John originally had one big honking site that took quite a lot of his time and he began to completely reverse that strategy and started building a lot of tightly focused single-page micro sites.
  2. Product Niches – He began to focus on product niches. Reasoning that people searching for products were likely ready to buy, thus ready to click
  3. Low Competition, Moderate Traffic Keywords – He began to hone in on product keywords where there was a decent amount of traffic to make money, but not so much that getting a first page ranking in Google would be unattainable
  4. Volume – John embraced the volume concept and forced himself to research and launch 4-5 sites a week. With this volume of sites, he could settle for a 20-25% success rate and still launch 1 money making site a week. A perpetual source of passive income with compounding dividends
  5. Use Article Marketing Exlusively for SEO – This is perhaps where I disagree a bit with John’s approach, but its hard to argue with his success. John advocates using article marketing exclusively for site rankings with backlinks. I tend to favor depending on my niche research to birth a site that does not require backlinking to stay on top of the search engines. My main strategy for this is site optimization and domain name selection. To be fair, John advocates for some of this as well.
  6. A Curiously Clickable Template – This is the single biggest draw that got me to pull the trigger on John’s course. After reading about the incredible performance of John’s template layout, I had to see it with my own eyes. I can honestly say, I was completely surprised when I saw it, but over the past two months, my bank account is testament to the fact that the layout, colors and subtle simplicity of the “Xfactor look” is incredibly effective at drawing clicks on product ads.

So after reading this post and becoming quite intrigued at how he was able to triple his income in such a short time and how everything seemed to revolve around launching many little tightly focused niche sites all wrapped in this mysteriously elusive template, I could not resist any longer and decided to purchase his course.

I’m sitting here a little over two months since that day I found out about John and his ebook and course and as I said in the opening, I just got my very first check ever today from Google in the amount of $309.62 ($20.32 of that was for revenue accrued from March 2007 until Sept 2009 with my alternative energy site, the rest was as a result of the following John’s e-book from September 9, 2009 through today)

As I sit today, I’ve already doubled my first month’s income and accrued $749.91 following John’s methods.

This has all been made by following John’s Adsense Master Course E-book and a few twists of my own in terms of tweaking the program for SEO (I really dislike article marketing so I’ve turbo charged John’s template layout and created a WordPress version that basically builds the site with a few clicks). My version has been pretty effective thus far with several sites hitting page one with virtually no backlinking done on my part.

If you are skeptical or have been burned by ebook offers in the past, all I can say is that this is a completely different animal altogether. This system works, almost too well. Its dang near addicting! The proof is in the check I just received and I’m on track to double my income each month following this formula.My First Adsense Check - Oct 09

12 Responses to “Make Money with Adsense”

  1. Alex Newell says:

    I’m very impressed. I read the whole WF thread and could not fail to be “wowed” by John and his method.

    I hate HTML tho’ and I was looking for a WP version so i am very pleased to be here!


  2. I love to use WordPress to build my money making sites because it is such an easy platform to use and you can do so much with it. The only downside is that you can only work on your sites while online, but for me that isn’t really a problem as i do all my work from my PC which is always connected to the internet. Would you say WP is the best platform to build sites with, or would you recommend something else?

  3. Kim Adair says:

    Can you explain how you were getting traffic, without article marketing?

  4. Ruth Stewart says:

    Hi there,

    I have followed you here from your posts at Warrior Forum. Thank you for a great thread. I am very interested in your WordPress theme. Please get back to me about it, because I definitely need one.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best wishes,


  5. Eric says:

    Hi Scott- I use you wordpress template weekly now. It not only saves me time, but eliminates frustration and motivates me to keep working hard at achieving my first $1,000 month. Predictable and repeatable is the name of this game.

    I have made it through my first month of Xfactor and using your wordpress template and have generated $45.60 off of one site for the first month(not bad). The first month was a challenge for me as I always found my self checking the site to see where it was in ranking, which distracted me a lot from getting more sites up. But I now have 15 sites up and am in the middle or promoting them 1 week at a time.

    Hopefully I can find a few more sites out of those 15 out there that generate $40/month like clockwork. Keep up the great work with all your updates and tips.

    Without the wordpress template you created it took me 2 hours to create one site, with your wordpress template, I rip sites out in 25-30 min. That’s huge when you want to do bulk sites in a week.

    The goal is to get 30 sites up pulling me $2 each per day, that’s $60 bucks a day, that’s $1,800 per month passive income.

    Thanks Again,


  6. TJ says:

    Hi Scott,

    I’ve just started the course when I found your post in the WF. I agree and I get bummed out when I hear article marketing is required.

    Also, I’m very interested in using WP for these site. I have about 20 WP blogs that I’ve done by hand and it is way too time consuming, especially if I have to write articles as well.

    Your template sounds like just what I’m looking for.



  7. Hi Clickbump:

    Would you please send info regarding the WordPress template that you are offering for sale, including the price, to the email I listed with this reply form?

    I do not have enough posts to send you a PM on the Warrior Forum.

    If you have a demo of your theme, please include that, also.

    Thanks very much!

  8. craig says:

    Hi Scott

    Really enjoyed your review

    I have been thinking about purchasing the xfactor formula after reading the 1600+ posts on Warrior and now your Blog.
    But i have run short of work so will have to wait until after xmas

    Thanks for sharing anyway

  9. Rajesh Watts says:

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the motivation. I have also purchased Xfactor’s course few months back and recently joined his forum. So far I am able to hit $8 in one month from 5 sites. From which 3 are based on Xfactor’s formula. In next 3 months I am going to have tons of sites to test the real waters and see if I can hit $100 a day mark. As of today I am not even hit $1 mark yet.

    Best of Luck to all of us!

  10. Jason says:

    Hey Scott,
    it sounds as though you have really hit on something great here,you certainly have my attention!

    I hope you have continued success and I will be following your threat at the warrior forum, thanks for sharing your success and method,

  11. Richard says:

    Hi Clickbump,

    I really enjoy reading your post. I know Xfactor method for a while, but did not really make efforts on this simply because I hate writing articles, just like you. Your articles really help me regain the confidence to try John’s method. Thank you!

    It’s really surprise me that you said there is no backlinking involved in your twist. Any other SEO that makes your method so effective?

    I was wonder if you are willing to share/sell your template (I saw the screenprint and it is really neat). I do have John’s html template but I love WP more.

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