The New MacBook Air Just May be the Perfect Laptop

new macbook air

I’m sitting in my den typing this post on a brand spanking new MacBook Air 13 that I picked up today from the Apple store in Birmingham, Alabama.

To say its a work of art would be an understatement.

The New MacBook Air is Fast

And, despite its razor thin profile, the Apple engineers have somehow managed to pull off the impossible. The new MacBook Air is amazingly responsive and fast. Cnet perhaps put it best…

Into a 0.68-inch high enclosure, Apple has dropped a six-cylinder engine where a poky four-cylinder used to be.

Everything about this computer is well rehearsed and flawlessly executed. From the smooth, backlit keypad that automatically adjusts its light output based on ambient lighting conditions, to the feather-light aluminum clad chassis that belies the incredible power inside, this is truly the state of the art in personal computing.

I’ve been on it non stop for about 5 hours since unboxing it at the Apple Store and the battery still has nearly a quarter charge left.

The New MacBook Air Comes Alive with Trackpad Gestures

But by far, the most enjoyable feature of the new MacBook Air, especially when surfing the web, is the perfect marriage of the expansive and velvety smooth trackpad with the new gesture-based navigation and control that has been introduced with OSX 10.7 Lion.

Web browsing is particularly enhanced with trackpad gestures. I’m finding that I open less tabs, due to the ease of 3 finger swiping backwards and forwards through the current tab’s history. I might just have found a cure for my severe case of “Tab-itus”. I frequently run up to 30-50 tabs at once! Maybe Lion will help me cut that in half at least, LOL.

I’m still learning and practicing the various gestures that whisk me around the computer, but its without a doubt, an enjoyable experience.

Here’s to Jonathan Ives and the brilliant engineers at Apple. You’ve hit a home run with the new Macbook Air 13.

I can definitively say, the next version of ClickBump Engine will be built on a Mac. The new MacBook Air.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I’m _this close_ to buying a MBP 17?, fully decked out with SSD and 8GB RAM, but I just can’t pull the trigger with the expected new MBP refresh coming any day now.

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