SEO! Case Study: Zero to Page 2 in two weeks!

UPDATE: My “best adsense theme” post is currently sitting on page 1 for the term best adsense theme at between #1 and #3 depending on what country you are searching from.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve taken one of my older posts and optimized it for the term “Best Adsense Theme“, a pretty tough phrase to rank for… at least one would expect in a competitive field such as IM. But here it is on page 2 (currently at #15) for this highly competitive search term:

clickbump seo

Before beginning the optimization, my post was not even ranked for this term, which stands to reason since the post is mainly centered around an explanation of how my templates can take on any look and feel you want simply by changing the color swatches in theme options.

My original title for this post was “A Theme with Multiple Personalities“. Not a very good title if you want to rank for “Best Adsense Theme”, but like I said, the purpose of the post was to highlight the chameleon-like ability of my theme to morph the templates to an unlimited user-defined color palette.

So the first thing I did was that I changed the title to “Is ClickBump Engine the Best Adsense Theme for WordPress” (see the postscript at the bottom of this post to see how/why I chose this title) and waited a couple of days. Google usually picks my posts up pretty quickly so I knew they would re-index the post with the updated title. However, the post was still no where to be found for the search phrase “best adsense theme”.

Then I Installed ClickBump SEO! on my site.

So now you hit me with the inevitable question:

You are just NOW using SEO! on your own site?

Well, yes. But here’s why…

The purpose of this blog is mainly to serve as a teaching platform for owners of my products. So ranking individual pages for specific search terms has not really been a top priority, if at all.

But I realized that it might be a really fun experiment to try to pick a random page from my blog and see if I could use SEO! to quickly rank it for my desired keyword phrase. And that’s what I did.

Let the Games Begin

Once I installed and activated SEO!, I headed over to the post and began optimizing it with the “SEO! Suggests:” items that the plugin reported on my post. As you might expect, my “SEO! Score” was miserable at first. SEO! only gave me credit for the keyword in the post title, so my starting score was a whopping 10 out of 100.

After taking about 10 minutes to fully optimize the post to a score of 100 (the last holdout was keyword density).

Since this post is more about theme colors than “best adsense theme” it was a real challenge to get the keyword density up to speed. My score hovered at 90% for a bit while I worked the keyword phrase more naturally into the content. And if you read the post, its pretty obvious I didn’t do a great job on that front, LOL.

clickbump seo

Anyway, its been two weeks and I’m pretty happy with the results after such a short time. The page has been hovering at around #15-25 Currently on Page #1 at position #6.

If you want to give SEO! a trial run on your WordPress site, I’ve currently got a 60 day money back guarantee to help you decide. Although I can’t guarantee that you will experience the same results that I saw in this experiment, the truth is that you will never know until you try. And you have everything to gain for trying.

~ s

Postscript: How I Chose the Post Title for the Best Adsense Theme Page

Shortly after posting this, one of my customer’s emailed me and said “Why didn’t you place “Best Adsense Theme” in the front of your title instead of in the middle?”

It’s a really great question since that’s one of the things I tell others to do. In this case, I simply wasn’t thinking about anything other than getting the keyword phrase into the title in a way that would look natural (since my post content doesn’t pass that test with flying colors).

So could I have made the title even more powerful with any of these:

“Best Adsense Theme: Can ClickBump Engine Be Beaten?”

“Best Adsense Theme: ClickBump vs the Field of Contenders”

“Best Adsense Theme: Is ClickBump Engine Really That Good?”

“Best Adsense Theme: Does ClickBump Take the Prize?”

Any of these titles are probably better than what I chose. But the fact that the page climbed so far so fast, even though the title is not completely optimal, helps illustrate the point of this post better than if I had chosen a different one.

Things happen for a reason, I believe.

If you want to give ClickBump SEO! a test drive, I’m offering a full 60 day money back guarantee, click here to find out more. You have nothing to lose but time and money if you don’t take advantage of this offer.

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13 Responses to “SEO! Case Study: Zero to Page 2 in two weeks!”

  1. Scott,
    I bought SEO! and I love trying to get my posts to 100. I have taught my daughter how and she loves it too. My question is now that I have SEO! do I still need to fill in the fields for All-in-One SEO, or can I ignore them (or even better uninstall it) and still get the best SEO results?

    • Scott says:

      @Matson: Love it! I’m teaching my son about building websites for his “lego addiction” so I can relate. The current generation of kids are scary savvy with tech.

      About AIOSEO, its a necessary evil if your website theme is not SEO savvy. If you are running the ClickBump theme, then you can totally forget about AIOSEO. ClickBump 5 has a full suite of options for that.

  2. WSOPro says:

    Just simply going through your Website, just how long have you had it? I adore the design

    • Scott says:

      @WSOPro – I’ve had the website for a few years. The theme is a highly customized Woo theme I purchased before I started creating my own themes. Its due for a redesign in ClickBump 5, I’ve just never gotten around to it. The markup is crap (as you’ll see if you take a look at the “View Source”).

  3. Dede says:

    Wow, to be honest, from the beginning I purchased your CE system, I don’t use it yet.. because I am newbie in this business and about coding.. LOL! but, after reading your articles n also comments from other buyers, I’m really sure that I’m not wrong to invest my money to buy your CE.. 🙂
    now, I am still learning about coding and how to be a good publisher and get money from Adsense.. 😀
    I will always learn, learn, and learn more..

    thank u Scott..

  4. George says:

    Hey Scott

    Been following your comments on BTF and am I glad I clicked over here.

    I’m in Sydney and currentkly you are No 2 for broad match Best Adsense Theme and No 1 for “Best Adsense Theme.” That’s impressive man.

    Where’s that “Buy” button? Can’t wait to ‘get on it.’



    If I can return the favour, we are guaranteeing page one Places for clients with no money up front – pay only on results.

  5. Roque says:

    Okay, just had to add this today (5/21/2011).

    Your page is now ranking at #7 for the term “Best Adsense Theme” (no quotes used in my search).

    ClickBump freakin’ ROCKS!


  6. Hey Scott,

    Nice video showing how you did it. I just checked & you’re number #4 for ‘best adsense theme’ in Google Australia.

    Lovin’ the new LocalBiz theme. It’s absolutely perfect and just what i needed at the right time. I was searching high and low for a decent theme for local SEO and couldn’t find anything. Then i checked my email and low and behold, you had come up with this new theme which was exactly what i needed.

    Thanks again mate,


    SEO Website Solutions.

  7. Scott says:

    Wow sunshine! I really appreciate your kind words. Made my day 🙂

  8. Sunshine says:

    Hi Scott,

    I tried to leave a review of your product over at the warrior forum but couldn’t due to posting limitations, so I’ll just leave here.

    Your products Clickbump engine and SEO plugin are simply phenomenal and your customer service has been impeccable.

    You’ve saved my bacon on many occasions when I just didn’t know how to put one foot in front of the other. I had Clickbump engine for 4 months before I actually used it because I was just too scared to just get started.

    I suffer from the buy, read, buy, read syndrome so many suffer from in our industry. I had every excuse under the sun as I told myself that I would get started next week, week after week and 4 months later that start day finally came.

    Thanks to your patience with me and that nice, short, step by step set of directions you sent to me via email which was the firm kick I needed to finally get out of my mind and into real action.

    Your professionalism and tireless client support are like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my many years of buying Internet marketing products.

    The internet marketing world is a better place because of you.

    You spoil your customers and I for one truly appreciate it.

  9. Scott says:

    @Paul: First thing to do is make sure that the “kitchen sink” toolbar is active on your WordPress editor. Its the last icon to the right on the top row of the toolbar. Once you’ve activated that, you can see the “Format” pulldown menu. This menu contains your header selections.

    Now, to get credit for the headers, first, create a sentence with your keyword in it, then hit the enter key to set a paragraph. Then highlight the sentence and select one of the heading elements from that pulldown menu to set your text in it.

    Repeat that for the h2 and h3 and you are done.

    Note: Most WordPress themes these days should be setting your post title inside an H1 tag. If your’s does, you can tell SEO! to give you credit for it by going to “SEO! Settings” and clicking to set the first checkbox “My active theme already utilizes h1 heading for post/page keywords or I’m already using it elsewhere”. If you are using my theme, SEO! will automatically set this for you.

  10. Paul says:

    Pretty exciting!

    I’m still confused how to hit all the “h1, h2, h3…” SEO points. I’m good on most of my sites re: SEO scores with the exception of those headers. Not sure what to do about that.

    I like working with your codes.

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