Handcrafted Skin Packs. Built for Speed, Beauty & Clicks.

All skins come with highest CTR ad placements for Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon, & more. With automated schema.org markup for Google love, Google Authorship, automated Rich Snippets, FlexSlider2, Related Posts, Social Signals, World Class Page Speed & More. *ClickBump Theme required to install skin packs.
Magazine “Magazine” $27
Video Demo
Landing Page “Landing Page” $27
Modern “Modern 2014” $27
Video Demo
Honeypot “Honeypot” $27
Video Demo
Publisher 2.0 “publisher 2.0” $27
Rdio “Rdio” (Experimental)
Stones “Stones” $27
Wonderstruck “Wonderstruck” $27
The Professional “The Professional” Available Now $27
The Craftsman “The Craftsman” Available Now! $27
DaVinci “Davinci” $27
LocalMagic “LocalMagic” 3 Pack $27
LeadGen “LeadGen” 2 Pack $27
Squeeze Pack “Squeeze” 2 Pack $27
Gazette 6-pack “Gazette” 6-Pack $27
Canvas “Canvas” Pre-installed Default Skin Preview | More info here
Gifted “Gifted”$27 Preview | More info here
Alligator Sky “Alligator Sky 2-in-1” $27 Preview | More info here
Magnetic 8-pack “Magnetic” $27 Preview | More info here
DebtBuster “DebtBuster” $27Download | Test Drive
xfactor-2012 “XFactor 2012” $27 Preview
White Lightning “White Lightning!” $27 Preview
Velocity “Velocity” $27 Preview
Destin “Destin” $27
Amaze “Amaze” $0 Pre-installed
wikiclicks “WikiClicks” $27
ctr-plus “CTR-Plus!” $27
chicago template “Chicago 5-in-1” $17
Blackjack the Ripper “BlackJack the Ripper” $27 Preview | Colors
biloxi template “Biloxi”
austin template “Austin”
seattle template “Seattle”
Review Site “Review Site” $27 Preview | Colors
xfactored2 “XFactored 2.0” (2-in-1) $27
authority “Authority” $27 Preview | Colors
Adsensed “Adsensed” $27 Preview | Colors
affiliate-pro “Affiliate Pro!” $27 Preview
Payday “Payday” $27 Preview | Colors
salespage “Salespage” $27 Preview | Colors
Amazonia “Amazonia 3-in-1” $27 Preview | Colors
Money Site “Money Site” $27 Preview | Colors
Sticky Reviews “Sticky Reviews” $27 Preview | Colors
Better Blue “Better Blue” $27
inoved2 “Inoved 2.0” $27
Golden Autumn Day “Golden Autumn Day” $27 Preview | Colors
Blue Halloween “Blue Halloween” $27 Preview | Colors
Gadget “Gadget” $27 Preview | Colors
ClickBuddy “ClickBuddy” $27 Preview | Colors
Thesis Remix “Thesis Remix” $27

58 Responses to “Handcrafted Skin Packs. Built for Speed, Beauty & Clicks.”

  1. Enzo Reyn says:

    Hi Scott – I am looking for a clickbump skin/theme/template called “debtbuster” but cannot find it. Can you help me out ?

  2. Chuck Burns says:

    What is the difference between the Xfactored2 and Xfactored2 plus?

    I have ClickBump6 through John Xfactor.


  3. Paul says:


    Will this theme allow for a 1000 X 225 header to be installed with no space between top of header and top of site? Also, can the header be clickable to direct people to an external ull?

    Thank you,


    • Yes on both accounts. For the header area, you can upload any size you want. The theme has a custom header height input box to allow you to resize the area to a custom size.

      By default, the header graphic links back to the home page (a global web standard). However, if you want to link the header graphic to a custom URL, you can do so by editing the URL located in the header.php file.

  4. Denis says:

    One more thing 🙂

    I checked the GTmetrix for speed comparison and it seems that your new skin “Honeypot” is the fastest of all your skins. I compared with your other skins but that one is the fastest in the reports. Is there a reason for that?

    I just need confirmation that the honeypot skin speed is related to the way it was built and not skewed by other methods (hardware, server, CDN, etc.)

    Hope that makes sense.

    • The key to the speed is all related to the core theme software. There is no CDN, custom hardware, server involved. All of my demo sites, including HoneyPot, reside on HostGator shared hosting plans. The same one you can get for $8 bucks a month.

  5. Denis says:

    How easy/hard would it be to modify the look of the skin (lines, colours, fonts, width sizes, etc.)?
    I know a bit of HTML/CSS but just curious to hear from you if it would be difficult to make the skin more personalized to what I need.


  6. Scott says:

    Hi Scott,

    I know you have helped me already but before I go any further have I bought the right skin for Adsense sites. I bought the Honeypot skin. It’s just I saw you mention it was an ideal skin for a business site?

    • You can run ads with any of my skins. The core theme itself has all the ad network code built in. All you have to do is turn it on and decide where you want ads. It works as well in Honeypot as it does in any other skin I offer.

      The main content area is where the main ad unit will appear. You can also employ additional ads in multiple locations on the site via drag and drop widgets. For example, you can choose to display ads in the header area, above the header, below the header, above the content, below the content, in the sidebar and in the footer.

      You are only limited by Google’s policies on how many large format ads you can have on a single page (3). ClickBump also supports other ad networks such as Amazon, ClickBank, Chitika, Ebay, etc…

      • Ian Howarth says:

        Thank you for clarifying my concern Scott. I have my lay out planned which is all ads below navigation. 1 top center then content. Another ad down the left and the 3rd at the bottom with more content. I also have the sizes they need to be. When you say switch the ads on, how do I do this? Also do I leave the ad spaces empty for Google to place ads as I am not sure how or where I get ads. I know how to right keyword optimized content. Can I add my own images into the slider relating to back pain? Sorry for all the questions but there seems to be very few people to ask on the forum.

        Kind Regards.


        • Yes, that’s the idea with the slider. You customize it with your own images. My default images are just there to show you an example of what you can do and for sizing templates.

          Our support forum at http://clickbump.com/forums is best for quick and complete answers. It also creates a searchable database of answers. Let me know if you ever have issues using it or getting a quick and complete response there.

  7. Derry says:

    do you do a magazine theme ?

  8. Krzysiek says:

    And the second question (I forgot) – what about translating this theme into polish language? Does plugin like CodeStyling Localization work with ClickBump theme?

  9. Krzysiek says:


    Very nice theme and templates – I have one question:

    How about using foreign languages? I live in Poland and speak polish language, with some letters like “ą” “ź” etc.
    May I use this letters freely?

  10. andhy says:

    Scott, if i buy the “professional” theme, can i change the footer note from “powered by clickbump” to be “powered by (my company name)” ??

    sorry scott, but for a start up business, it is quite important

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