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I’ve just released version 5.3 of the ClickBump Theme Framework which enhances the slider widget over and above what you see in this video, scroll below to read about the new enhancements.

In addition to the default “spine-based” navigation, you can now choose to hide the spines and have auto generated “arrow-based” navigation in which the user can click left and right arrows to advance or rewind the slider. You can see an example of this new slider navigation on the “Magnetic” template demo site (uses the “outside arrow” option) as well as the “Gazette” template Demo site (uses the “inside arrow” option).

Above: This video demonstrates the basic options for the ClickBump Slider Widget. This widget is included in at no additional cost in ClickBump theme. Its comparable to the $99 slide deck.

Above: When the slider widget is added to the “Header” sidebar (the default installation location when your site is built using JumpStart Pro) the slider spans the entire width of the template. This video demonstrates how to move the slider widget into the “Above Content” sidebar, which allows the slider to sit just above the content area, and to the left of the right sidebar.

The “Canvas” live site demo, showcases the slider in this configuration.

Update: As of ClickBump Framework version 5.3, you can now assign a category to use to feed the slider. This makes it much simpler to configure your slides, since it pulls from your existing posts in the selected category.

For example, let’s say you have a category named “featured items” in which you have four posts assigned to this category. Each of these posts have a featured image as well as a Custom post title.

When you assign that category to the slider widget, via “Appearance > Widgets > C5:Slider“, it pulls each post in that category (and its subcategories) and displays them as individual slides in the C5 slider.

Here’s what it does:

1) Displays each post’s “Name” as the vertical slider handle
2) Display’s each post Title (or “Custom Title” if present) as the slide heading title and links the title to the post
3) Display’s each post’s summary text (or up to the “More” divider, if set)
4) Displays a “Read More” link below the post summary (This can now be customized to show the post title if preferred at “ClickBump > Blog > Custom ‘read more’ options”)
5) Displays the posts “Featured Image” to the right side of the slider window, behind the post summary.

3 Responses to “ClickBump Slider Widget Options”

  1. Peter says:

    Sorry, ignore that! I was using an older version of clickbump! All sorted when I updated.

  2. Peter says:

    How do we choose from default “spine-based” navigation, to use the auto generated “arrow-based” navigation in which the user can click left and right arrows to advance or rewind the slider?



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