Top SEO Myths that are flat out wrong and could be costing you money and traffic

Myth #1: Exact Match Domains are no better than generic domain names for ranking power.
Fact: An exact match domain is the #1 secret, expert Internet marketers use to dominate niches with little to no backlinks

Myth #2: If you want a site to rank well, you need to register the domain for more than one year. Google favors sites that are in it for the long haul.
Fact: Although Google does give favor to sites because of their age, there is no evidence that Google looks at how many years left on your domain registration. Need more proof? Check out what Matt Cutts says about the subject…

Myth #3: You can’t rank for a search term that has millions of page results.
Fact: It does not matter how many pages are returned for a given search, what matters is the 10 sites on page 1. Those are your real competitors. If you can beat them, you don’t have to worry about the others.

Myth #4: I need to spread my websites over multiple servers. Google will penalize my sites if too many share the same IP
Fact: As discussed by Matt Cutts in this video, Google does not penalize webmasters for using shared servers that house multiple sites. Caveat, this holds true up to a point. Once you get hundreds (or as Cutts indicates, “thousands of sites”) you probably need to buy another hosting package. Until you reach that point, you are probably OK with shared server hosting on the same IP block.

Myth #5: Its doesn’t matter where I host my website. Google ranks sites independent of geographical location of the server location.
Fact: If your hosting provider’s servers are in the UK and your main audience is in the US, your site is less likely to be seen by US searchers. Matt Cutts confirms that the server location matters for search.

Myth #6: Tag clouds are excellent boost for SEO
Fact: Tag clouds have no positive impact on SEO and can actually hurt if overused by diluting PageRank. Matt Cutts discusses how Tag clouds can be overused.

Myth #7: A domain’s history does not matter to Google. Each time its registered it starts with a clean slate.
Fact: You MUST research a domain’s history prior to purchasing it. As Matt Cutts indicates in the following short clip, domain history is a significant factor in site rankings.

Myth #8: To rank well in Google, you need to post frequent updates to your site.
Fact: Google is far more interested in the quality of your content, than the frequency of your updates. Matt Cutts talks about that here.

Myth #9: I can get an SEO boost by copying the keywords metatags of the top ranking sites in Google.
Fact: Keywords meta tags are completely ignored by Google and have zero impact on site ranking. Matt Cutts confirms that once and for all on this short clip.

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    really helpful article i enjoyed every second of it and way to go with Matt Cutts videos !

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