New Template: “White Lightning” for ClickBump 5

I’ve been asked many times for a clean, white template for CE4. One that really makes the ads Pop! Well, today I’m releasing a new premium template made for owners of CE4 (aka ClickBump Express/Engine). Its called “White Lightning!” and its a clean, SEO optimized, w3c-validating html5 compatible template made for WordPress and CE4.

Here’s a preview (click the image for full size preview):

This template features a unique blend of cutting edge CSS design (including some CSS3 for modern browsers), html5 compatibility, as well as the ability to morph into any color scheme you can envision, using the CE4 point and click color options.

You can also add a custom header graphic (to replace the default female avatar character) and I’ve included a layered .pxd file with the package so that you can easily create your own custom header image to make this your own. You can open the .pxd image at, edit it, then save it as header.png for uploading to your site. If you don’t care to use a header graphic, you can easily disable the header graphic with one click at “CE4 > Images > Hide Header Graphic

The template also features a vast array of color customization options. Here is the help overlay that you will see at “CE4 > General Settings > Show Help” (click the image for full size preview)

By default, the color values are preset to match the example. However, you can easily customize these colors, along with the header image to instantly transform this template into your vision. As you can see in the screenshot below showing CE4’s point and click color swatches (1-4) that you will use to set those colors:

Adding the CE4 Google Search Widget to the template

At the top right corner of the screenshot, you can see the Google Search Widget, specially formatted and anchored to the top right corner of the template’s header area. Its a snap to add this to your CE4 enabled site.

1) Go to “Appearance > Widgets” and drag “Google Search Widget” (a ClickBump CE4 exclusive widget not found elsewhere) over into the widget area labeled “Sidebar“. Once you’ve done that, it will look like this:

As you can see from the screenshot, I’ve already pasted in all of the default script for you. All thats left for you is to place your Adsense Pub ID into the space provided. You’ll get this from your Google search widget code at your Adsense dashboard. You can also see that at the bottom of the widget panel you have even more control over where the widget appears on your site via the “Widget Visibility” panel, another CE4 exclusive. You can selectively show/hide the widget depending on whether its being shown on the home page, on posts, on pages, on category pages, on the search page, on 404 pages or on tag pages. No one else gives you this level of control right out of the box.

Adding Your Ad Code to the template’s Main Content Ad Area

To add your Main Ad code to the template, you have two options (for Adsense), you can use your Adsense Client ID and Slot ID or you can paste your entire Ad code block. I’m using a combination of both in my example, so that I can rotate ads between the two. However, you can use one or the other. Of course, you are not limited to Adsense. You can use ANY AD NETWORK, such as Chitika, Amazon, Ebay, ClickBank or whatever. Just paste your Ad code or script into the spaces provided at “CE4 > Ads” and you are all set to go with global control over your ads.

To enable the stacked 336×280 ads as you see in the screenshot, open your site’s admin dashboard and click on the theme options panel (CE4). Once you have that open, just click on the “Ads” tab and click the “Default to Stacked Ads” option and paste in your Google Client ID and Slot ID for your saved large rectangle ad like so (click the image for full size preview):

Note that I have a few extra options selected in my example. These are all optional (as all of the CE4 settings are). By placing ad code into the “Alternate Ad Code” block, and checking the “Turn on Ad Rotation Script” option, I’m enabling CE4 to rotate the ads that the viewer sees between the Adsense main ad (the one I’ve specified at the top with the Client ID and Slot ID) and the “Alternate Ad Code”.

What’s cool about this feature is that I can place ANY ad code I want into the “Alternate Ad Code” box, and I’m not limited to Adsense. I can, for example, rotate between my stacked 336 Google Adsense blocks, and a high commission ClickBank product with affiliate link (or whatever). You get the idea. This is very powerful.

Feel free to use the comments are below to ask any questions you may have about setting up the new “white-lightning” template for CE4. Existing CE4 owners can purchase and install this template beginning today at Paypal. To activate this template or any template, check the preview panel at the top of the member dashboard downloads page. You can instantly purchase any premium template there.

Adding Custom Menus to CE4 Templates

The White Lightning template (and almost all premium templates) is pre-configured to present the WordPress custom menus as you see in the screenshot, with the current post or section automatically highlighted. It also will display any posts you’ve flagged with the top-menu category and place them in the blue bar across the bottom portion of the header area. If you built your site with JumpStartPro!, the installer automatically created a custom menu for you. However, if you did not, click on “Appearance > Menus” to create and configure your menu similar to this (click the image for a full size preview):

The custom menus are flyout enabled, so that if you drag and drop them under one another, they will automatically orient themselves as flyout menus on the live site.

To flag specific posts to appear in the blue bar below the custom menus, just add the “top-menu” category to the post and CE4 takes care of the rest. To do this, click on “Posts”, then for any post you want to appear in the blue bar menu, click “Quick Edit > Categories” and click to select the “top-menu” category. Then click “Update” to save the setting. That’s all there is to it. The menu is now set as a top menu item and will appear in the submenu under the main header menu.

Adding the footer boxes

The four boxes you see at the bottom are optional. However, these are great areas to showcase special Amazon or ClickBank products that relate to your niche. Or, you can just place additional content into them. To create them, just go to “Appearance > Widgets” and drag a few “ClickBump Box x” widgets over into the “Footer” sidebar as you can see below. You can use as many or as few box widgets as you want. White-lightning will auto adjust the boxes to fit equally in the footer area alongside one another!

Note from the screenshot above, one of the unique capabilities of the CE4 theme that set it apart from other themes, the ability to set widget visibility. For example, in this case, the widget will only be seen on the home page.

Feel free to use the comments are below to ask any questions you may have about setting up the new “white-lightning” template for CE4. Existing CE4 owners can purchase and install this template beginning today at Paypal.

2 Responses to “New Template: “White Lightning” for ClickBump 5”

  1. Simon says:


    Is it possible to remove the image on the header??

    • Scott says:

      Hi Simon, yes you can remove the image on the header by selecting the option at “CE4 > Images > Hide Header Graphic”. Once you are ready to upload an image, you can always just upload an image and uncheck the “Hide Header Graphic” option to make it appear. Or, you can leave it blank, its up to you.

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