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Follow along with a Step by Step Guide to Setting up your ClickBump site with the XFactored 2.0 Skin

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If you’ve picked up the brand new XFactored 2.0 Premium ClickBump add-on template, along with the recently released C5 (ClickBump Version 5), you are ready to roll with creating your first authority site modeled after John Robinson‘s new Authority Site Adsense Guide.

Above: XF2 template using the “Default Grid View” category layout. ClickBump > Layout > Category Index > Grid View | Design Tip: Where possible, use images with a white background (or transparent background) to give a professional sheen to your site.

Above: The template’s “Show Help” reference inside the theme options panel

Above: You can easily set template colors and backgrounds via the quick color changer above. You also have detailed color and size control of text, links and body copy via “ClickBump > Text” manager.

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33 Responses to “XFactored 2.0 Site > Quick Start & FAQ”

  1. Steve says:

    Hey Scott! I’m a glad registered member of your software, and I want to thankd you for all the obvious effort you’ve put in.

    I’ve got a question that I can’t figure out: after I make a post a sticky, so it shows up on my homepage, when I visit that post’s true link (domain.com/true-post-title/) all I get is the site title and ads. I get NONE of the content that shows up on that post on the frontpage.

  2. Brittany Andrews says:


    I’m interested in creating a ‘virtual silo’ with your theme but I don’t know exactly how to do it. Do you have a tutorial for that when I buy the ‘ClickBump’ theme for WordPress?

    I was referred to you by someone who says you really know silos.

    I want a silo that has a few main pages that have supporting pages that links to 1 main page.

    For example:

    [internal page title – page we want ranked in Google SERPs]
    1) Swings Sets

    [internal supporting page titles]
    2) Wooden Swing Set Kits

    3) Outdoor Swing Sets For Backyards

    4) Swing Sets and Playhouses – Outdoor Fun

    5) Durable Swing Sets for 2012

    6) Swings for Indoor Play Sets

    7) etc…

    I could have been more creative with the above page titles, my point here is keep everything short, simple, & very relevant.

    Point internal keyword anchor-text from pages 2-6 at page #1, the page we want to rank.

    And I don’t want any links to link out of the site nor do I want headers, sidebars, etc. to break the silo.

    Will you be able to help me with this if I buy your theme or at least point me to some good resources that go into detail how to create a silo structure for a WordPress site?


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